Will they come home to Rocky Mount? NC sees unprecedented rural decline

ROCKY MOUNT — Raymond Staton orders ice cream at 9 a.m. His brother has salad.

They are seated side by side on chrome stools in the Highway Diner, fresh from an eight-hour shift at the Firestone plant on the edge of the city, Raymond’s red company jacket slung over the back of his seat. Both are breakfast regulars at the diner, a gleaming art deco joint off U.S. 64.

The brothers, both on the younger side of middle age, have worked their way into the city’s dwindling industrial sector. They make some of the best money in town assembling tires. Their friends have done well, too, opening law offices and salons in a city that some have written off. (Source: Read more)

How black land became white sand: The racial erosion of the U.S. coasts – Grist

In 1910, less than 50 years after Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, African Americans owned over 15 million acres in the former slave-holding states. Much of that black-owned property was on the coasts, the geographic margins of the nation, which at the time were some of the most undesirable areas for living or leisure.

That was before the Army Corps of Engineers came along to convert those coastline areas into “flood protection” zones, and beaches. The Corps dumped over 7 million cubic yards of sand in Mississippi to create “the longest manmade beach in the world,” but not for all to enjoy. When the federal government brought the sand to the beach, and a highway system for city folk to access it, in came droves of white folks, who then effectively drove black landowners out of their homes. (Source: Read more)

Photos/Video: Anderson Chapel MBC Family & Friends Day/Communion Pastor Malcolm E. Lewis Brought Forth The Word Sunday June 1, 2014 11:00 AM

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Photos/Video: Tarboro High Baccalaureate 2014 Speaker Tynesha Lewis Former SWE High School, NC State University & The WNBA

All high school and college students need to see this powerful message. However grown folks need to as well.

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