This Is What I Do I Reach Out To Folks Whom I Feel Are Doing Some Good Things, This Is Dating Back To 2005

A moment in history.

Looking back at my old Blogspot page archives and ran across the following. Been blogging since 2005.

Ronald White and Mary Perry are still in contact. I have not been in contact with Joe Bowser for many, many years. White and Perry are good friends of mines and we communicate on the regular.

Ronald White for 4th Vice President NC NAACP State Conference of Branches

by Curmilus Dancy II

A year ago or maybe a little more I had the opportunity to tune into a broadcast NAACP NOW on Channel 17 whereby North Carolina NAACP President White, Ms. Mary Perry, Mr. Joe Bowser and a couple of more Presidents were discussing NAACP related issues. I believe the main topic was about gangs in North Carolina. I was very impressed with many of them and I looked their contact information up on the NAACP website. White had a website with much much information on it and I read over some of the things he was involved in. UPS was a major case that he was working on along with many, many others. I made contact with White. I sent an email to White and he contacted me early that Monday morning after the Sunday’s show as I was on the way to work.

I have found brother White to be true to the cause and about making a difference. This is from what I have seen and the different places I have been in his presence in the short time I have come in contact with him. Because of what I know about White and his dedication to the mission of the NAACP I have no doubt that he will continue to do good works. I trust that others will join me and support White so that he can continue to serve as 4th Vice President of the North Carolina State Conference of Branches during the weekend of October 6 – 8 when the election of officers will take place.

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