I Remember I Used To Say I Wish Black Folks Especially Myself Had An Outlet To Voice Our Opinion

We have a few black owned local radio stations that we can call in during a certain time and say what is on our minds. We have a couple of other stations and TV stations that we can do the same. However none of the above gives us 24 hour access to be able to do such.

Well then came blogging, facebook and twitter and we have a free outlet to be able to voice our opinion but many choose to play games or talk about issues that does not help the black community move forward to be a better place to live, work and play.

It tickles me the kind of ignant mess that some folks post on facebook while we could be using this free outlet to make a difference in our community. But I ain’t mad with them because that is their option to post whatever makes them happy.

Folks I am going to use the free outlets to educate and to be educated. This is my sole purpose of blogging, facebook and twitter. Folks I ain’t got time for games.

“It is better to be divided by Truth, than to be United in Lies.” Author Unknown

As I have stated recently some of the old sayings I used to hear and continue to hear, I just can’t get wit them these days because as I get older I know some things just ain’t as it appears. When one get older they ought to get wiser. Just because moma or daddy said it, friends and/or or pastor said it, don’t always make it right! To live a damn lie all of one’s life when one ought to know better is just too damn ignant. Hell yeah I am ignant but I am not ignant to the truth. I am not so damn ignant that I will live according to what others may say just because they are so and so when I know so and so is misleading me. But if one do not know better then their ignance can be written off in my eyesight and it will be up to the all and the man above to work that piece out.

I look at how some folks talk about family, friends, pastor and etc. and as long as it does not affect them everything is okay. But when it affects them they look at the same situation differently. Why in the hell do you get mad when it hit home when the outcome is the same but just because the people are different and it is your family, friends, pastor and etc.

One example that really used to get to me is the world is coming to an end. Damn been hearing that and I am 51 years old. Some folks got all upset when some folks wrote books about the world coming to an end on a certain day. Well the world did come to an end on that day for somebody.

I figured it out all by myself one day when I woke up and it came to me that hell the world comes to an end every day, I repeat every day for someone who do not get it because this is hard to understand. But you see the world comes to an end every day because someone dies every day so that is the end of the world for them. But damn here he go talking ignant. Well consider the source, I have told you I am ignant as hell so don’t get sidetracked on that. Look at what my ignant behind is saying and you be the judge. Hell I don’t have a problem with you judging me because I know who I am and whose I am so why should I get mad with what others think. I have no control over what others think about me.

Another example is some folks have a problem when black folks talk about what they have done and folks say it is bragging or they think they are somebody. Well if they don’t tell their own story who in the hell is going to tell it. Oh they gonna tell it but when the person dies and go to their grave but these folks telling the story were all about them. Well if they were so all about them,  why weren’t they telling the good news while they were living. They don’t tell other folks story because they are jealous and envious as hell. Well I am going to tell my own damn story because you can’t tell it like I can tell it unless I write it for you. And because I don’t want you to say a damn thing about me that you haven’t said publicly when I am stretched out.

I am not in the business of sugar coating manure.

If at anytime anyone has a problem with what my ignant behind has to say, just delete me because I ain’t goings no where and I am going to continue to tell it as I receive it with always trying to base my opinions on facts. Hold me accountable because I damn sure will hold you accountable as I feel a need to. “It is better to be divided by Truth, than to be United in Lies.” Author Unknown