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The Political Agitator response: Zette McArn (Wilson Co.) just because you have an issue with me, I do not go after folks when they are doing things that makes sense. So your ignant comments you need to make sure you are responding to me and not someone who are using my name (The Political Agitator). I can speak for myself. Since you blocked me from your page I can’t communicate with you. However the comment on this page probably came from Barbara Hallman Dantanio (Wilson Co.) because she has a problem with me calling her ignant ass out recently. I don’t hold good deeds against ignant ass folks because this issue with someone being denied the right to vote ain’t about me. “I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!” I have a permanent interest in folks being allowed the right to vote. So Run & Tell That!

With tears in eyes, Tyone Savage filed a complaint Thursday at the Wilson County Board of Elections alleging she was denied her right to vote during the May primary.

And the North Carolina ACLU’s legal director said Wilson Board of Elections officials have an ethical obligation to investigate all complaints where voters state there are obstacles to casting a ballot.

Rena’ Morris, Wilson elections director, had previously said she would not begin an investigation until the actual voter complained. Tosha Bell, Wilson County Board of Elections employee, called Morris — who was out of the office — to get guidance on how to accept a complaint.

There is no complaint form, so Bell gave Savage a blank piece of paper and asked her to write her information down about what occurred. (Source: Read more)