I Think, I Know, I Believe And I Act! Because I Am Who I Am!

Well! But some folks get mad with me because of how I think, because I know what I know, believe what I believe and act the way I act. They hold it against me. Hell I ain’t mad with them because I am gonna keep doing what I do.

Matter of fact got a confirmation today from a young Pastor while I was sitting in my car at the Post Office talking to my Sheriff on the phone. I appreciate this young man for coming to my car and telling me to keep doing what I do. I told him I really appreciate those kind words because every now and again even old folks need encouraging. And to come from a younger person makes a lot of difference especially when I know this Pastor is about what is right and ain’t about mess.

I know I ain’t there yet but it is sincere Pastors like this young man that keep me prayed up because they know me and know that I am sincere about what I do. They realize I have a ministry too.

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Rocky Mount NC: Governor’s budget plan looks to close Fountain prison – Rocky Mount Telegram

Gov. Pat McCrory’s recommended state budget adjustments for the 2014-15 fiscal year include a proposal to close Fountain Correctional Center for Women in Rocky Mount next year.

Under the governor’s proposal, the inmates from Fountain Correctional would be transferred to Eastern Correctional Institution in Maury, which would be converted from a medium security male facility to a minimum security female facility. Fountain Correctional would then close, effective Jan. 1.

Pamela Walker, communication director for the N.C. Department of Public Safety, said the agency worked closely with the Office of State Budget and Management to identify areas where they saw opportunities for possible cost savings. Walker said employees at Fountain Correctional are referring all budget-related questions to her office at this point. (Source: Read more)

NCAE President Rodney Ellis Will Be Live Via Phone On WNCR-TV 41 With Bronson Williams Moving Forward Thursday May 21, 2014 9:00 PM

Rodney Ellis Live On WNCR-TV 41 via Phone Thursday May 22, 2014 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Please tune in to Moving Forward with Bronson Williams on WNCR -TV 41 Rocky Mount NC with special guest Rodney Ellis NCAE President.

I had the opportunity to be in his presence on this past Sunday in Pitt County and he was awesome! I look forward to listening to him on tomorrow night.

Thank you Bronson for making it happen.

Check out this video: Greenville NC – NCAE President Rodney Ellis Presentation During The Young Democrats Pitt County Meeting Sunday May 18, 2014

Click on the website below to see the channels that you can either watch the show in your areas or you can watch the livestreaming on your electronic device.


Dixon dismissed 10 taxi driver cases – The Daily Reflector

Cases that prompted an SBI investigation into a prosecutor who was fired Wednesday involve a Greenville taxi driver who faced two dozen charges between 2008 and March.

Court records show 17 of those 24 charges were dismissed. At least 10 were dismissed by former assistant district attorney Faris Dixon; three were dismissed by two other prosecutors. Computer records do not list the assistant district attorney for the remaining four cases, and the files that would name the prosecutor have been destroyed per policy at the clerk’s office. (Source: Read more)

Denied right to vote? Issues alleged; investigation status unclear – Wilson Times

The right to vote in a free and fair election is what sets the United States apart from many countries and serves as a bedrock of democracy, one that has fueled civil rights movements for generations.

But a Wilson County woman was denied her right to vote during the primary election in May, the woman and local advocates said.

Zette McArn, president of the Wilson County Democratic African-American Caucus, said there are several cases that need to be investigated and has filed complaints with state and federal elected officials, Democracy North Carolina, the chairman of the Wilson Democratic Party, Wilson Board of Elections, N.C. Board of Elections and several local attorneys.

Rena’ Morris, director of the Wilson Board of Elections, said the complaints must come from the voters, not McArn, if there is to be an investigation. (Source: Read more)