Ignant Column: Who In The Hell Is This Ignant Ass Black Woman Who Calls In To WNCR-TV Bronson Williams Show Who Has A Problem With Me

Damn this ignant ass black woman has a problem with me because I am The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it. She has stated some time ago she has 2 Degrees. Obviously she has a Degree in Bull S… and a Doctorate in being Ignant! LMBAO!

This IAW calls in as if she knows what is going on in Rocky Mount and Edgecombe County but it is evident she has no damn clue.

Recently she talked about how she heard parents can’t go in the Charter School at any time to see their children but they could in Edgecombe County. Well I didn’t call in and respond because I knew her ignant ass did not want to hear the truth. Well Bronson visited Rocky Mount High School on yesterday and found out that he had to go through phrases such as stop at the office, have a I.D. and then go from there. I called in last night and said I was glad he found out the truth because I didn’t want to call in on that night to correct her because I knew she was not going to hear what I had to say. She called in tonight and claim she didn’t hear the whole show last night. LMBAO!

This IAW says she was not trying to bash me but she felt I was more of a turn off than a turn on, that I was doing more to hurt Rocky Mount than to help. She said she didn’t look at the show for a couple of days because she didn’t want to hear what I had to say and that she spoke for some others. Damn this IAW think I give a damn about what she thinks about me, nor do I care about what those whom she speak for think about me.

This IAW said I told folks to vote for black folks when I responded to her when she said she was leaning towards voting for Rusty Holderness because she heard Shelly Willingham say that black folks vote for black folks last night on the show. That is a half-truth. He said that black folks tend to vote for black folks and white folks tend to vote for white folks but that is not the case all the time. I have not told anyone to vote for black folks just because they were black. I have said I will vote for black folks just because they are black if I damnit please and will not be apologetic about it. However this IAW don’t have a clue because I endorsed Senator Clark Jenkins over Senator Elect Erica Smith-Ingram who defeated Jenkins last week. The last time I checked Sen. Jenkins was a WHITE MALE and Smith-Ingram is a BLACK FEMALE. I told Smith-Ingram why I could not vote for her.

This IAW say I think I know it all and why is it I can say what I say but no one else can. She says I have called folks a liar. Damn! Obviously she must be talking about herself. Well I guess the truth hurts.

This IAW said that just because there are folks on both sides of the Event Center those who disagree with others and myself it does not makes them a racist. She said I was a black racist and I need to check myself because black folks can be racist too. SMDH! This is the IAW with 2 degrees.

This IAW said I was playing both sides because one minute I am with Bronson and then I ain’t. What in the hell is she talking about? I told Bronson that I would not support him the night before he filed. I told him during the election process and he knows where I stand and he never have had to question where I am coming from. This IAW need to know that I don’t roll like that. I am straight up with folks and I will let them know if I am for them or against them and that only pertains to certain issues. If I agree with someone on any single issue, I will make that known. After this IAW talked about me Bronson said that Mr. Dancy says, “He has no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!” and that if your interest is his interest then there you have it.

Folks why do other folks get mad with me because I am The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it. I am going to continue sharing my knowledge and I don’t give a damn who it is for or against. So tune me out, turn me off or whatever but know that just because you don’t listen, the truth will still be told. I don’t tell the truth for popularity but only, I repeat only because it is the moral and just thing to do. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

To this IAW and those who she speaks for, I love you and it ain’t nohtNow Run & Tell That!

4 thoughts on “Ignant Column: Who In The Hell Is This Ignant Ass Black Woman Who Calls In To WNCR-TV Bronson Williams Show Who Has A Problem With Me

    • I take my poor ass to work 7 days a week sometimes.

      So what do you do?

      And this lastly I am not going to waste my time approving ignant comments from folks who hide behind a code name. Will not spend time responding to someone who are not man or woman enough to stand behind what they say.


    • Not! Can’t get agitated by Ignant folks like you.

      Can’t no one agitate me because I am always, I repeat always on my “A” game.

      I am the one and only most talked about Political Agitator and I am damn good at what I do.

      Now Run & Tell That!


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