Butterfield Mourns Loss of Friend and NCCU Photographer Robert Lawson

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Butterfield Mourns Loss of Friend and NCCU Photographer Robert Lawson

WASHINGTON, DC –  Congressman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01) today released the following statement regarding the passing of longtime North Carolina Central University Photographer Robert Lawson:

"It is with a heavy heart that I express extreme sadness over the passing of my longtime friend and North Carolina Central University photographer, Mr. Robert Lawson.  Robert was known by the entire Durham community for his warm spirit and steadfast commitment to his beloved alma mater, NCCU.  For more than 50 years, he captured some of the most memorable moments in the university’s history–first as a student and then as the school’s official photographer before retiring last year.  My prayers and condolences are with Robert Lawson’s family during this difficult time.  He will be sorely missed."


Wilson NC – Rep. Jean Farmer Butterfield Defeats Attorney Mark Bibbs And Zette McArn Of The Wilsonian Voices

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I be damn if Attorney Mark Bibbs and Zette McArn of The Wilsonian Voices Facebook page took campaigning to another level. I just don’t get it. I kept asking the question was it worth it as it relates to Bibbs making his attorney’s office his residence but the city said his office didn’t meet the code to be used as his residence.

Zette blocked George and myself from The Wilsonian and I guess Asa Gregory kicked us off the Democratic Party of Wilson County.

Attorney Bibbs decided that after he could not unseat a Republican in the 8th House District he, Zette, Barbara Hallman Dantanio and Asa Gregory thought they could unseat Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield. Damn I would have thought that one of them would have come to their senses and seen that this was not doable. But I guess it all made sense since Asa’s mother was running in the 8th.

Damn I had asked Zette was she supporting Bibbs and she said did George Fisher tell me to ask her. Well after that I mentioned it to Geogre and he said he already knew that. She asked me was I supporting Farmer-Butterfield and I said I am trying to get a grip on the NC House 23 seat first where I could vote. She said wise man and George ought to do the same. I said oh hell no I can do both and George can speak for himself. Well come to find out George, Zette, Barbara and Asa had had a little falling out because George was talking about Bibbs record. Damn so since I am friends with George, I was kicked to the curb also. SMDH!

Hell yeah I was concerned with who would win the nasty battle in the 23rd district because the gang had went after Farmer-Butterfield and then when she responded, she was the bad guy. Damn! These folks said some crazy ass stuff and Farmer-Butterfield would have been crazy not to respond to their b.s. Some things can’t go unchecked and boy did she check them asses. Hell I even gave her some free advice and I am glad about it.

It is okay to attempt to unseat an incumbent but damn just tell the truth. Also don’t get mad when the incumbent don’t roll over and die for their ignant asses. I am proud of Farmer-Butterfield because she worked that campaign.

Some of the b.s. the gang were complaining about should have been dealt with on the local level starting with the Wilson City Council and then on to the Wilson County Commissioners. It is a damn shame how some folks mislead folks because they don’t know any better, in denial or just don’t give a damn.

I also seen that guy Clarence Bender who ran a couple of years ago make some comments about Farmer-Butterfield. Damn he ended up in the newspaper with some criminal charges so he needs to sit down and shut the hell up.

Congratulations Farmer-Butterfield you can go back to work now and not have to deal with the gang.

Council to discuss event center funding – The Rocky Mount Telegram

While an official decision on the proposed event center has not been scheduled, Rocky Mount City Council could vote Monday to move forward with plans for funding the more than $42 million project.

“I made a motion that was seconded in the past that we empower city staff to pursue funding for the event center with the latest New Market Tax Credits and EB-5 funding, so I expect that action along with discussion will take place at the meeting,” Councilman Reuben Blackwell said. “I certainly hope that the majority of the council feels this project is sound enough and fiscally feasible to begin to look seriously at our funding options for it.” (Source: Read more)

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Homegoing Celebration For Rev. Dr. Frank Weaver Raleigh NC

My condolences goes out to the family of the late Rev. Dr. Frank B. Weaver Raleigh, NC.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: I Don’t Feel Noways Tired – Rev. James Cleveland

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