Edgecombe County – Senate District 3 Race Erica Smith-Ingram Defeats Senator Clark Jenkins On May 6, 2014 But Why I Ain’t Excited

Senator Elect Erica Smith-Ingram defeated Senator Clark Jenkins but I ain’t excited. The reason why I ain’t excited is because the Senate District 3 was created for a minority (black) several years ago.

The first year the seat was open I supported Patricia Ferguson from Bertie County. She was fiery county commissioner and on numerous board across the state. When we had our Edgecombe County District Conventions I said if something ever came up and I could vote for her, she had my vote. So when she announced she was running for the newly created Senate District 3 seat I was onboard. The sad part was though, I knew the district was going to be redrawn again after the first 2 year term so she would not be in my district. But I felt that if we elected her that it would be somewhat easy to replace her with another black candidate.

Well I teamed up with Pat Ferguson and was working Edgecombe County with her. Shelly Willingham filed along with Clark Jenkins. But the power players here supported Jenkins over the fine female who would have set the stage for the district. We set up appointments to meet the power players and they took the money and supported Jenkins.

During that election year I turned on Ferguson to the local radio station for advertisement. When the owner seen that I was very political and knew politicians not only locally but across the state, he asked me to come by the station and share politics with the listeners. Well that eventually lead to me pay to have a show on this station for 1 hour but went for 2 hours every Wednesdays because it was a very power show. During that time several young folks came down to the station and I taught them about politics. They also supported Jenkins. Well these guys were young so over the years I stopped holding that against them. But the older folks, damn I found out what I was working with that they could be bought and sold for some damn crumbs.

After Jenkins 2nd term I couldn’t take anymore of these Democratic Black Folks whom called themselves leaders. I changed my voter registration to Unaffiliated but after about a year I switched back. I switched back because the Democrats were running the county and I couldn’t go to their meetings and challenge them.

Several years later Willingham ran against Senator Jenkins and he could have beat him but I say that when he teamed up with a couple of folks from Pitt County, they threw his race. We could have beat Jenkins that year.

A couple of years ago some of my closest friends would not support Frankie Bordeaux when he ran against Jenkins. I said this was the time to take the seat. But nope they wouldn’t listen to me and inspite of the other person being in the race, Bordeaux almost won.

Now the most recent election a couple of days ago. I had seen the name and heard of it since around January before the filing period began in February. I was called and a person told asked me if he could give a person from North Hampton County but I never heard from her. And then on the night I was headed to Joe W. Dickens Jr. wake the end of March I received a call from someone asking me would I be willing to talk to her and I said yes. Then I got another call in the last hour late in April and by this time I said nope ain’t willing to talk to her because it is just too late for Edgecombe because I didn’t know anything about her.

I heard her at the Edgecombe County Human Relations Candidates Forum and the Edgecombe Democratic Party County Convention and both times I thought she was good.

I received a call several days ago and she told me that she was disappointed that I didn’t endorse her. I told her why I could not support her and that I would not do anything to hurt her.

Well the reason why I ain’t excited about Smith-Ingram defeating Senator Jenkins is because the people of Edgecombe County some of the same ones who say they are excited about unseating Jenkins are some of the same ones who have worked on his campaign (getting paid) over the years. I have not gotten paid to work on anybody’s campaign. Well I have been fighting to get a black person in the seat since the district was drawn. I knew that the people of Edgecombe County were going to support Jenkins and he won Edgecombe County just like I knew he would.

I don’t know anything about Erica Smith-Ingram so what was I going to tell the people? I did tell people she sounded good, that she looked good and she was a minister. I said she make a brother want to vote for her 2 or 3 times just because of how she looks and sound. (LOL) I told her that I wish she had gotten with me a couple of months ago and shared with me her campaign strategy for Edgecombe County. I said I wish her good look and that I would not do anything to hurt her. I said I hope we can meet after the election after she win or lose because I would love to learn more about her.

Although I am glad to see a black person finally in the seat 11 years later, I am not excited. Hell most folks don’t even know the history of the seat so for me the thrill is gone. But I can hear Pharrell Williams singing.