Folks It Is Time For A Political Machine In Edgecombe County

Note: Did you know the Eastern Civic League endorsed Taro Knight for the NC House 23 seat? I have not heard any of the candidates put it out there. The interviews were held the same Saturday of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Convention. I didn’t make to Martin County because I went to work that morning, left, went to convention and then went back to work. This didn’t even come up in the debate that was held last Monday night.

You know I look around at who are active, who goes where and who says what when it comes to politics either be meetings and/or facebook.

I look at how folks say they love what I do, they ask me when am I going to run for an office and that I am the man. Well you see I don’t operate off of feel good, pretty words and all of that. I can tell who are sincere because if you love what I do, how many times have you donated to the cause? How many times have you said that I know it takes gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, food when moving around, you have equipment ie: video cameras 2 to be exact, video dubbing machines 2 to be exact, photo camera, laptops 2 to be exact, has to buy DVD’s, DVD cases, pens to write on cases and recently I have purchased some labels that I will use on cases for special occasions.

Well folks you can quit asking when I am running because I ain’t running for anything until I hit the lottery and/or come into some legal money because I will not take what little money I have to run a campaign. I already don’t have any and struggle doing what I do out of pocket now. I be damn if I am going operate on folks saying one thing and doing another and then at the end of the day I am broke and don’t win the election.

I look at some folks how they think that folks are loving them during elections but unless one goes into the voting booth with them, one will never know for sure who they voted for. Now some folks family, friends and associates you can kind of bet on them doing the right thing.

Folks it is time for a political machine in Edgecombe County to come together and be unified. We need to educate ourselves so we can educate others. We need to come together in Edgecombe County and put our differences aside. We need to interview candidates and then we need to unify and support those candidates chosen.

There is a group called the Eastern Civic League (several counties in the east) and they are a political group who hold a day of interviews and they endorse local, statewide and national candidates that represent the counties that make up the group. That is good but each local county need their own group because each local county can work year round and not waiting until election time. Edgecombe County used to be in and was out until the districts were named. We are back in.

It is a damn shame that there are a few factions in Edgecombe County that I can probably count on one hand that are out here running their mouths during election time but don’t even know what the hell they are talking about. Makes no sense. But then they want to talk about what other folks ain’t doing but we are so divided by those ignant to POLITICS that we only continue to move forward by the grace of God. It sure is not because we are unified.

When we all get together we could move forward, wiser, faster and again be a force to be reckoned with. Back in the day on Election Day when the numbers came in for statewide races in Edgecombe County, most candidates declared victory.

I used to thought we had some issues in Edgecombe County but since I am very close to Wilson County and Pitt County politics, damn they are in bad shape too. Damn if it takes something major that the 3 surrounding counties had to pull together damn that is going to be scary as hell. I know those folks just like I do in Edgecombe County so I am not and will not be in shock no matter what.

I thought the Edgecombe Nash Black Political Caucus was going to be the machine when it got started but I never could join that even if it was open. And then when they took Black off the name I knew I could not be a part of that.

This election has given me another outlook at what is going on around me politically. Some folks want to say EXPERIENCE does not matter and get mad with other folks because they have it. Some folks get mad because some folks bring up truth so they get mad with them for telling the truth. Some folks don’t know the damn difference between having a debate and a forum to educate the voters on what the candidates have to say.

Folks are out here making damn promises that other folks already in office has campaigned on, worked on and can’t do anything because the Republicans have the numbers and the Democrats have a difficult time trying to make things happen. During this election if you have followed the campaign trails NC House 23 and NC House 24 a couple of the candidates talking about what they are going to do and they are running against another Democrat. Hell the Democrats in office now can’t do anything but these candidates act as if they are going to come in do the damn thing. SMDH!

Folks do your damn homework because I don’t take ELECTIONS for granted. These folks elected and/or re-elected will be representing me making laws, policies and etc. that affect my life. So hell yeah I am going to be involved at whatever level I want to get in on. I don’t give a damn if I can vote for them or not, if I can’t they will still be in office and will be representing me.

Folks don’t get mad with me because I am knowledgeable on what is going on around me, know nearly all the elected officials, want a be elected officials, community leaders and individuals who may make statements either in person, in the media and/or especially on facebook. I am watching, listening and I will challenge. So many folks will not say nothing but I be damn if I am going to change my morals for no one when it comes to politics. I say what I mean, mean what I say and if I should say something that is not correct I will get it right. I don’t know it all but that which I do, ain’t no need to get mad with me because I am damn good at what I do.

If you notice I support candidates and I don’t work campaigns unless I am invited to and I choose to. At the moment I am not working on anybody campaign but am I supportive of some campaigns, hell yeah! I know I can provide some valuable input. I ain’t saying that I can make them win either so don’t get it twisted. I know I am effective too because I have had conversation with those whom I don’t support so obviously they think I make a little difference during the election season.

After the May Primary on tomorrow, will you in Edgecombe County who wants to be politically active and have made comments about tomorrow’s election and possibly working on someone’s campaign be willing to come together as a group to be educated and be willing to educate others so that we can put together a political machine like some other counties. In Durham they have a group called the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People and they interview candidates as well as I spoke of the Eastern Civic League.

I can’t hear you!


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