Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC – Confirmation I Told You They Didn’t Work With Law Enforcement, They Have Damn Scanner Just Like I Do!

The Political Agitator: I said Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Facebook page  didn’t work with Law Enforcement so this is a confirmation. The blocked me from being able to comment on their page.

Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC said:

I have gotten SEVERAL inboxes and questions around this – at this time I do not have any further information – If anyone can enlighten me please let me know –

Do you have any info on a fight at the Holiday Inn Express early this morning? I herd one of the people involved in the incident was a off-duty RMPO who was intoxicated and if not him the group he was with started the altercation. If you have any info the public would greatly appreciate it if you shared it, thanks and keep doing what you do

Somebody responded: I thought you worked close to RMPO why don’t you have this info???

Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Working on information

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Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Facebook Page Has Blocked Me From Commenting 

Fighting Crime

Ignant Column: Wilson Finest Zette McArn How In The Hell Is This Dirty Politics? SMDH!

The Political Agitator response: I understand the following was a mailing that was sent out. I read on the Wilsonian Voices whereby Zette McArn said this is dirty politics. Dirty my ass! What tickles the hell out of me is that she calls telling the damn truth dirty politics. From what my ignant ass read, it is truth so I am puzzled by Zette’s post. Damn this election has brought on some ignant bullmanure. In Edgecombe County Bronson Williams and his likes say experience does not matter. Why? Because he has UNO! And then he holds a damn debate with the other 3 candidates and he talks about Shelly Willingham and Taro Knight because Knight responded to something that Willingham said during the debate. Bronson said because they say they have experience that look at their debate so experience could be a problem. I called in and said that is what a debate is just that a damn debate because he was not holding a forum. John Wooten one of Bronson’s strongest supporters called in behind me and said it was not a debate. Bronson did not correct him so I had to call back in and say it was a debate. John ignant ass was trying to discredit me but he ended up being the damn fool. Oh back to Zette. She blocked me from her Facebook pages Zette McArn and the Wilsonian Voices because I am supporting Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and she is supporting Bibbs. I was respectful on her pages but she wants to do like so many who wants to silence the black man especially one who is knowledgeable of what is going on versus those she is feeding that does not know any better. So by blocking me I can’t challenge her ignant ass. You see I have now put her in my ignant column and she has earned the title of Safe Negro. Damn NEGROES mad because someone has EXPERIENCE and Telling the Truth! SMDH!


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Mark Bibbs

Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield

Video/Photos: Benefit Program For Bro. Carlton Boddie Member Edgecombe County Law Enforcement Choir St. Paul MBC Tarboro NC Saturday May 3, 2014

My sister Carolyn Clark told me about this program Friday night around 10:30 PM after calling me to tell me she was in Greenville NC at the hospital with the family because Bro. Boddie was admitted to Vidant. On Saturday morning Sheriff James Knight told me about the program also. I said I am going to go video so that the family would be able to see it since they would be by Bro. Boddie’s beside. Rev. George A. Terry opened up the program and said the program was going to be postponed til another time since only a few folks were present. However he said a couple of groups were present and if they wanted to sing a song they could. I hollered out Rev. Terry I sure hope so because I came to video so that the family could see this. We ended up doing the whole program. I dare you to look at this video because not only will the Boddie family be blessed after watching it you will too! The groups put it down. In this order, Edgecombe County Law Enforcement Choir, St. Paul Young Voices, Red Hill Male Choir, 1st Step and my brother in law Michael Clark along with the other fellows all put it down. And that guy on that guitar had it talking. I cried while my soul was happy!

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In this photo Rev. George A. Terry Pastor St. Paul MBC (Left)
Sheriff James L. Knight Edgecombe County (Right)


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In the photo St. Paul Young Voices


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