Education Is What Needs To Be Happening In Our Community

The Political Agitator response: I approve this message.

Ethel D. Arrington Education is what needs to be happening because it is sorely lacking in our community. Instead of debates, discussions and heated conversations, we need a public figure, such as Roland Martin, Don Lemon, Oprah Winfrey to host a panel consisting of all races, genders, and educational and socioeconomic levels to dissect the 15-minute tape of Donald Sterling and his girlfriend, analyze what was precisely said, the hidden meaning behind what wasn’t said, the disturbing hypocrisy and ‘educate’ our youth, who, by now, are thoroughly confused by adults whom they have seen behave and privately speak ill of those who were born ‘different’ from them, while ‘teaching’ that we should all ‘learn’ to "get along with everyone." Yes, it is our youth that we should use this time to focus on with a lesson plan, though painful, but required learning.


New details, inspections in Bibbs case – Wilson Times

City of Wilson attorneys filed a motion to dismiss Friday in Wilson County Superior Court that details aspects of state candidate Mark Bibbs’ failed property inspection including an alleged admission that he was living elsewhere.

Bibbs, a candidate for House District 24, failed the inspection in March that prohibits him from living in his second-floor apartment at 105 Douglas St.

During the inspection, Bibbs told inspectors that the "true answer” regarding his residency was that he lived with his family at 3220 Edinburgh Drive and stayed at the Douglas Street apartment one or two times a week, the city’s motion states.

"Plaintiff Mark Bibbs further stated that the ‘political answer’ was that he lived at the 105 Douglas Street South building,” according to the city’s motion to dismiss.

Bibbs’ Douglas Street property is in House District 24 and his Edinburgh Drive home is in House District 8. Bibbs said he moved into the downtown building, which also houses his law office, in July 2013, a claim that is being challenged by two Wilson residents who filed their concerns with the Wilson County Board of Elections. The challenge will not be considered until after the election.


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I Totally Agree Democratic Party Does A Poor Job Of Communicating But We As Individuals, Groups & Etc. Can Educate Our Communities

And that has been my problem. This is why I started Dancy Communications Network because we talked about having our own communications piece in our community because everybody can’t afford the papers and etc. In meetings over the years my elders kept saying this but I struggled and this is what I do out of pocket providing meetings and etc. on video so folks can see the candidates (forums) governmental meetings ie: school board and etc., NAACP meetings and other. I post information on my blog so people can see what is going on in our community. Hell they don’t even look at it free of charge while sitting in the comfort of their homes or office so they can be informed.

My videos will show I have done everything except cussed the damn Democratic Party Chair and officers out for not having a Democratic Party website, blog, facebook page and or etc. They don’t send out emails, no damn communication but when I post the video of the meeting on my blog and on The DCN TV. Some folks will ask me who I am voting for but the others go with what appears to look good to them instead of seeing what I have to say and others who are knowledgeable.

Again thank you for your being a part of where I am today.

Debates? Hell the one a couple of days ago was a historical moment and it was good however I asked who were going to be the moderator and the one that did it had never done it before. I asked where the questions were coming from and I still haven’t really received an answer but I think I have an idea. I would love to have seen a real debate because that was far from it, it was Bronson Williams idea, he put it all together and I ain’t mad with him but if I was a candidate in the race or working on a campaign I would have questioned and had some input in the process.

All I want is the right information to get out there, the truth and not half-truths. I don’t want folks making damn rules when they have no damn clue of what the hell they are talking about.

I thought I had enough to deal with inside the Democratic Party meetings when it comes to ignance but damn this race have brought on a hold new meaning of ignant. But I don’t charge it to these folks who make ignant comments because I know they don’t know any better. But if they continue down that road and don’t make a change, I am going to hold it against them.

The new thing EXPERIENCE don’t matter. Nope I ain’t saying it means all but damn ya got to have it a one of the criteria. Don’t get mad with me because I have experience and you want to change the rules for you. Well what in the hell are you going to say when you get in the position and you hold the office for 1 – 2 terms. So when the next person come along and run against you, are you going to say EXPERIENCE does not matter. Oh HELL TO THE NAW!

In re: By the way your points are accurate yet Democrats do a poor job of informing folks. People do cute debates but a session on ‘recent policies and impact’ in conjunction with debates could help enlighten. Keep up the good work . Lillian Thompson

NC House District 23 RACE

I appreciate Rusty bringing up RACE that we all have the same needs. He said it ain’t just about black and white.

However I beg the difference because in Edgecombe County alone it is a problem and will always be a problem because white folks have been the dominate race when it comes to farming, jobs, businesses and etc. So my friend RACE be it color is a damn problem. Coming together talking about it ain’t going to completely solve the problem. Until the playing field is leveled it will always be a problem. I just don’t think the field will ever be leveled. But just like folks talk about going to heaven, then we can talk about leveling the playing field.