POLITICS and Those Who Want To Write Rules But Don’t Know The Game – SMDH!

When it comes to POLITICS. Folks attempt to justify their actions by saying certain things but in the meantime it don’t add up.

Qualifications are equal for every candidate when it comes to politics because a person only has to be a certain age, not a felon and live in the District and be a registered voter.

I have seen a many of pastors, ministers and religious folks who have more hell in them than some folks who others say are not saved.

Folks vote for friends, family members and etc. so therefore one can justify why they vote a certain way or they can just vote and don’t say how they are voting.

Damn in this election I have heard it all, experience does not matter. Hell naw it may not matter if one of two people or more do not have any experience.

Folks I am not going to sit back allow folks to post misleading, just downright false information.

I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and I will continue to hold folks accountable for what they say and do. I tell folks to hold me accountable also.

Now tell me if you own a daycare, would you hire a person off the damn street because they are the most anointed?

Makes no damn sense to me! But maybe it is just my ignant ass. So if that be the case I am going to be ignant until I die.

Hell it is okay to vote for someone but don’t mislead, say half-truths and unnecessary bullmanure just talk about the candidate and move forward. Damn trying to discredit other candidates without justifications is too ignant.

So just because I have more experience you want to hold that against me. Damn just like you went off to get your experience and/or have served in certain capacities you think that it don’t apply when it comes to me because you like another person. Oh hell to the naw!

Don’t get mad at me because I am damn good at what I do and you have a problem with that.

Damn every time I turn around somebody wants to change the rules! Well I know the rules all except your personal games because you can write them the way you want to. You can’t write them for POLITICS because I have a degree in POLITICS and I taught myself. And I will challenge anyone at anytime.

In re: It’s not always the Most Qualified that needs to be in the position, sometimes you need the MOST ANOINTED in the position!!!

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