Sports LA NAACP Head Resigns Over Move to Honor Sterling – ABC News

The president of the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP resigned Thursday, following scrutiny of his plan to give Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling an award for promoting civil rights.

Leon Jenkins was to present Sterling with a "lifetime achievement award" later this month. Jenkins rescinded that offer after a recording surfaced on which Sterling disparaged black men.

In a letter to the national leader of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, Jenkins wrote, "In order to separate the Los Angeles NAACP and the NAACP from the negative exposure I have caused the NAACP, I respectfully resign my position as President of the Los Angeles NAACP."

Jenkins wanted to give Sterling a "lifetime achievement award" May 15 at the 100th anniversary celebration of the Los Angeles chapter. The decision was questioned by some civil rights activists, who cited allegations of discrimination in Sterling’s past. (Source: Read more)

Bibbs: Paper blended article with ad – Wilson Time

The Political Agitator response: Damn here we go again. Attorney Bibbs has struck again. Well! Funny I grabbed one of those papers again because I thought it was an older paper with Bibbs on the front again. When I read it I said damn on the front page again. Didn’t think it was suppose to be an ad. LMBAO!

State House candidate Mark Bibbs says he bought a campaign ad in an area newspaper and got a front-page story instead.

The Daily Drum, a Greenville-based free biweekly paper, published a feature story on Bibbs that blurs the line between news coverage and advertising in its April 24-May 7 edition. The story’s last sentence identifies it as an ad that Bibbs’ campaign committee bought, but Bibbs said it wasn’t written at his request.

"It was a surprise to me when I saw the paper and where the placement of the story was,” Bibbs said. "I sent them a camera-ready ad and a press release. What you see is however they chose to run it.”

Journalism ethics scholars said the Drum committed a cardinal sin by printing an ad disguised as a news story. The piece is not bylined and does not mention Bibbs’ opponent, Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield. It also includes paragraphs that were plagiarized from a story in The Wilson Times.

"I thought that they were a regular newspaper and reputable,” Bibbs said. "I didn’t know they were going to do what they did.”

Bibbs, a Wilson attorney, is challenging Farmer-Butterfield in the Democratic primary for House District 24, which comprises Wilson and Pitt counties.

AD OR STORY? (Source: Read more)

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Reader skeptical of intentions behind those who oppose event center – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: I know Mrs. Gardenia Hobbs on a personal note. I first met her when I began attending the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission meeting back in the early 90’s. Later I became the vice chair of N.E.E.D. Inc. and where her husband Mr. William Hobbs served as the treasurer. In 1998 – 99 I served as the appointed chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party when now Rev. Roy Gray stepped down and I moved up from the 3rd vice position. I learned a lot from the Hobbs and I was able to be very, very effective with my role as the chair of the Democratic Party because their meetings were before mines so when I had my meetings I was ready. Over the years we joined the Common Ground with Chris Miller now Councilwoman Chris Miller and we kept our group going until the Hobbs had to take care of their mother/mother in law. I have much respect for Mrs. Hobbs and I don’t have to add to or take away from what she had to say.

From Day One, the makeup of the present City Council member majority has been called into question. Most of their major decisions have been viewed as unsound, shortsighted and downright inept by a number of people in this town, that include some of the members of the newly formed Community Council.

Unfortunately, these individuals cannot or will not accept the fact that they are no longer at the controls. So, rather than work collectively with the Council for the good and welfare of all citizens and engage in constructive dialogue, they have found it more advantageous to criticize, to misinform the uninformed.

They conveniently express concern about the state of the city, but the undercurrents tell a different story and frequent references to “the good old days” where exclusion was the norm speak volumes. (Source: Read more)

I Will Be A Guest On Spotlight On The Community FM 99.3 This Morning

I will be a live guest on Spotlight On The Community FM 99.3 this morning. I will be in the studio with DP and his co-host for the day Lige Daughtridge President The Community Council. Stay tuned to hear me live during the 8:00 am hour but tune in to listen to the guest in the 7:00 am hour to hear what he has to say also.