Council weighs proposed downtown event center – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: Councilman Reuben Blackwell was on point. Perhaps the vocal and vehement naysayers to progress in Downtown and in inner city communities in Rocky Mount have forgotten that our City dollars belong to ALL of our City. That includes ALL residents of Nash and Edgecombe counties who live in the City limits of Rocky Mount. Maybe they have forgotten that those of us who still live and work in the Boddie version of "Dead End" have paid and continue to pay our taxes, our utility bills, shopped in their stores, ate in their restaurants and worked together with them to build and strengthen our entire City on both sides of the track. And like Bill Jones said, we know all the five ways to cross the railroad tracks Downtown because we do business on both sides of the track.” The council can request things go on the agenda at any given time and this is what happened. Blackwell requested that the council move forward on the next phrase of the Event Center and anyone, I repeat anyone that still want to have input can go to the next city council meeting and voice their opinion. Also contact Blackwell about his message at the Monday’s meeting instead of responding in the comments section only.

The Telegram

Rocky Mount Councilman Reuben Blackwell’s reading of a prepared statement in support of a downtown event center Monday afternoon prompted a response from all the other council members despite the topic not being on the meeting agenda ahead of time.

He noted that many of the comments made during the April 21 public meeting on the event center were by those who had come to the council previously asking for city support of projects in the western part of Rocky Mount, which helped to “secure their financial futures and advance their personal growth.” (Source: Read more)


One thought on “Council weighs proposed downtown event center – Rocky Mount Telegram

  1. Curmilus wrote……
    “Blackwell has served in a variety of positions on the Chamber. He first came to Rocky Mount from Maryland in 1983 after taking a job at the Chamber. At the time, he was working for Citibank in Baltimore, where he was an employee operations manager for the Mid-Atlantic region. ‘I was recruited by the Rocky Mount Chamber to come to Rocky Mount to help develop a minority business development program and to work with the small business committee that was already in place and to work with existing industries,’ Blackwell said.”
    You mean to say old Ruben was hired by those mean-spirited money-hungry white men and women back in 1983 to develop a minority business development program? Who would have thought!


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