Public Hearing On Rocky Mount Event Center Tickled The Hell Out Of Me Because It Was Obvious

First of all I met my friend Mr. Skip Carney who came up to me and said he didn’t know I was there and that a Gladys told him who I was. We shook hands and he said he would see me on the radio. I was standing beside the guy from WHIG TV that was videoing and Skip asked him was Sandra and Herb coming tonight and he said he didn’t think so. Well this is something that most black folks are not privy to and that is to have a personal news outlet to be able to help push their opinions. I ain’t mad with them, it is just that black folks don’t have that type of outlet. Damn I am talking about race and I ain’t spose to do that.

What a public hearing does is put a face with a name. You get to see some of who in the community is for or against an issue.

After hearing the presentation for the 1st time in person and in depth, I thought the presentation was awesome. I could not wait to hear the comments because I wanted to see how “they” were going to respond.

What tickled the hell out of me is all of these white folks and a couple of black folks after hearing the presentations stood up and made comments opposing the event center that to me made no sense. Who in the hell am I suppose to go with, the experts doing the presentation or these white folks and a couple of black folks who asked no questions to make their point. I have no problem with others opposing an issue but damn atleast use the damn time to ask questions of the presenters to prove your point instead of using the time just speaking on personal opinions.

For me all of the black folks who spoke in favor of the event center was right on point in my opinion. Obviously they heard the presentation and understood what would be good for the city and/or that they trusted that the city council will do the right thing. That is a problem for the opposers because they have never been supportive of the 4-3 black majority council.

What tickles the hell out of me is especially WHIG TV they get the hell off on folks calling in opposing the event center because they are against it.

Damn it was very, very interesting to watch WHIG TV and listen to FM 99.3 this following morning as both stations were discussing the public hearing from last night.

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4 thoughts on “Public Hearing On Rocky Mount Event Center Tickled The Hell Out Of Me Because It Was Obvious

  1. why argue with this nut, He is typical leftwing liberal. As long as you agree with him you are ok but if you disagree or call him out the first thing he does is call you racist and go on and on about nothing. Most people I know read this comedy site or as he calls it a blog, for a good laugh. Just remember democraps want you to believe what they believe and republicans don’t care what you believe as long as you are working and not looking for handouts.
    Now take that and put in you pipe and smoke it.


    • Ignant so why read my blog? I don’t just read other folks personal blogs and etc. that I find of no value. But obviously you and your ignant friends find my blog to damn good because you continue to follow me daily. My value ain’t dependent upon what Democrats and Republicans think about who I am. I know who I am and whose I am so I ain’t the one.

      You nor anyone has been able to call me out because you ain’t saying nothing. Tell me one thing that you have called me out on. LMBAO!

      Oh and by the way, the deal is when I am saying things that others agree with I am alright but when I say something that “they” I repeat “they” disagree with then I am a problem. Obviously I am a threat because damn if “they” don’t get too ignant!

      Well I have been doing what I do for many years speaking truth to power so I ain’t changed. But what “they” are finding out is, I am not like “they” are talk about folks behind their backs and holding back on things because I will say what I mean and do not give a damn how one receive it. If the truth hurts, then that is a “they” problems not mines.

      If you don’t like what I got to say, you have options. No you don’t because you can’t go without reading what is on my blog.

      I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it. It is folks like you who CONFIRM it daily. Thank you!


  2. You ignorant idjit – Mr. Greenberg’s mom died over the weekend AND he has full-blown pneumonia and is on doctor’s orders for bed rest.

    Sandra is trying to run the station, paid programming like karaoke taped live each Monday night, and managing special assignments like this meeting. But you want to claim privilege?


    • Ignant I didn’t ask the question were they coming to the meeting it was Skip. Well damn somebody ought to have told Skip frankly I don’t didn’t care if they attended the meeting. Hell Andrew was there videoing for them so that was all that mattered as it relates to broadcasting it. SMDH!


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