Friendly/Enemy Reminder: Folks What You Ain’t Fitting Ready To Do Is Come On My Blog And Facebook Page And . . .

What you ain’t fitting ready to do is to come on my blog and facebook page and think you are going to say anything and especially attempt to discredit me with your ignant opinions and not with facts. State facts and I will allow you to comment but I will not entertain your bull manure. I am in control of my blog and my facebook page. I have posted this several times so maybe you missed it, don’t care, in denial or just damn “IGNANT!” so if you didn’t know, now you know. You gonna learn the day!

I am a 51 year old grown ass black man and I say what I mean and mean what I say. I don’t sugar coat a damn thing. I use choice words, I take words that I hear others say and use them. Hell I may even make up some words. I can do that because this is my damn blog and when I post on it, the post automatically goes to my facebook and twitter accounts. I don’t get paid to do my blog nor do I have to answer to anyone about what I say and how I say it, so  what part of this picture do you not understand. If anyone have a problem with reading what I say, then you need to remove me from your list and/or simply just don’t read my stuff.

I comment on articles that I read online, write letters to editor, call in to local radio and tv talk shows and I can’t help how you receive what I say. But you can bank on I am going say what I mean and mean what I say I try to let what I say be factual opinionated. Yep, just my opinion because you don’t have to receive what I say. 

In the last days and the older I get, the less tolerance I have for ignant folks in my opinion and when I call your ignance ass out, then it is up to you to prove me wrong. Hell I have been wrong before and when I am, I will make the necessary correction.

Oh by the way for all of you who get the hell off on when I use the word “IGNANT!,” I heard Steve Harvey use it and I loved it. I say I know that is going to piss some folks off when I say it but guess what, it does not matter what I say because I am going to piss RACIST ASS WHITE FOLKS AND SAFE NEGROES off anyway even if I never say another word.

I am striving to get there, but I ain’t there yet so those of you who say you love me, please continue to pray for me. And when I arrive, I will let you know but you will be able to see it too.

Now Run & Tell That!

I am very political and I just happen to be a Democrat. But don’t take that for granted because I call out Democrats, Republicans, black folks, white folks and whomever. I am the Political Agitator and I am damn good at it. I am also called The Watch Dog of The East by some. I am called some other stuff too but I don’t answer to that because I know who I am and whose I am.

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”


Public Hearing On Rocky Mount Event Center Tickled The Hell Out Of Me Because It Was Obvious

First of all I met my friend Mr. Skip Carney who came up to me and said he didn’t know I was there and that a Gladys told him who I was. We shook hands and he said he would see me on the radio. I was standing beside the guy from WHIG TV that was videoing and Skip asked him was Sandra and Herb coming tonight and he said he didn’t think so. Well this is something that most black folks are not privy to and that is to have a personal news outlet to be able to help push their opinions. I ain’t mad with them, it is just that black folks don’t have that type of outlet. Damn I am talking about race and I ain’t spose to do that.

What a public hearing does is put a face with a name. You get to see some of who in the community is for or against an issue.

After hearing the presentation for the 1st time in person and in depth, I thought the presentation was awesome. I could not wait to hear the comments because I wanted to see how “they” were going to respond.

What tickled the hell out of me is all of these white folks and a couple of black folks after hearing the presentations stood up and made comments opposing the event center that to me made no sense. Who in the hell am I suppose to go with, the experts doing the presentation or these white folks and a couple of black folks who asked no questions to make their point. I have no problem with others opposing an issue but damn atleast use the damn time to ask questions of the presenters to prove your point instead of using the time just speaking on personal opinions.

For me all of the black folks who spoke in favor of the event center was right on point in my opinion. Obviously they heard the presentation and understood what would be good for the city and/or that they trusted that the city council will do the right thing. That is a problem for the opposers because they have never been supportive of the 4-3 black majority council.

What tickles the hell out of me is especially WHIG TV they get the hell off on folks calling in opposing the event center because they are against it.

Damn it was very, very interesting to watch WHIG TV and listen to FM 99.3 this following morning as both stations were discussing the public hearing from last night.

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