Lawmakers: Rankings largely irrelevant – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator responds:

State lawmakers from Wilson and Nash counties say a think tank’s legislative effectiveness rankings are a poor barometer of their work in Raleigh.

Rep. Jeff Collins, R-Nash, who rose 40 spots and is ranked 25th of 120 House members in the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research list released this week, said he doesn’t put much stock in the survey.

"Nobody I know stays awake at night wondering exactly where they rank on these things,” Collins said. "I don’t agonize over them. I can’t speak for the other folks.”

Rankings are partially based on effectiveness surveys the lawmakers themselves fill out. Collins and Rep. Susan Martin, R-Wilson, said they didn’t complete the group’s survey.

"I don’t really put much credence in the survey,” Martin said. "I don’t think the ratings are very helpful or accurate. I don’t personally measure myself by those ratings.” (Source: Read more)