The Political Agitator responds: Is it really worth all of this? SMDH! Now this is what is confusing to me, “The recent inspection took place because it was on a re-inspection list because of a failed report from November 2012. At the time, inspectors found that fire extinguishers needed to be serviced and emergency exit lights were not operating properly, Holloman has said. The March 21 inspection revealed that those problems were not fixed.” So failed in 2012 and now again in 2014 so what part of this picture is everyone missing? Somebody help me understand because my ignant ass just don’t get it.

City of Wilson attorneys filed a notice of removal Friday afternoon that apparently pushes a lawsuit filed by state House candidate Mark Bibbs to federal court.

Attorneys Jim Cauley and Brian Pridgen filed the notice on the grounds that Bibbs alleged his rights under the U.S. Constitution were violated in relation to a failed fire and building inspection of his Douglas Street residence.

Instead of the case being heard in Wilson County Superior Court, it appears headed to U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina in Raleigh.

“The result of these filings is to immediately remove the case from the state court and to vest jurisdiction in the federal court (U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of N.C.) on the grounds that Mr. Bibbs has alleged violation of his rights under the U.S. Constitution,” Cauley said. (Source: Read more)