Edgecombe County Democratic Party Met To Elect A Board Of Elections Appointee, Secretary And Chair Thursday March 20, 2014

See what happened when the Edgecombe Dems met around 2 weeks ago. Some very interesting elections took place. But what tickled me is why didn’t Gladys Shelton 1st Vice Chair didn’t begin the election process by replacing the chair, the secretary and then the board of elections appointee? Since both Ms. Shelton and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs had both mentioned to me about this meeting, it was obvious that they both had discussed this meeting at length. I could say more but I was not feeling it about this meeting and since I didn’t come with an agenda, I only said a few things because my intentions were at that time to maybe soon step down as precinct chair.

It was quite interesting why the secretary and chair say they stepped down when our conversations were much different from what I heard at the meeting. It was quite interesting how the board of elections appointment came to be. The chair position election was the norm with Rev. Roosevelt Higgs name always in the running.

I say thank you to Dr. Glenda Lawrence-Knight and Dr. Delois Porter for wanting to get involved with the Democratic Party. All I have to say is you are in for an interesting ride.

What I have a problem with is the county officers is somewhat mute because very little has been done for several years now but these folks want to continue to hold their titles and quick to say they can’t do this and can’t do that because of age and that they want someone else to run the show because they know more than them. Well what is the point of holding on to titles when you are not doing anything?

I know Dr. Florence A. Armstrong will do a great job serving on the board of elections. I feel strongly that Dr. Glenda L. Knight would have done a great job too if her name had gone to Raleigh in the number 1 spot vs 2.

I feel strongly that Dr. Delois Porter will do a great job as secretary although that will be determined by if the chair allow her to do her job. Something that has been a problem with the past 2 chairs.

I have no comment on what I think about Rev. Roosevelt Higgs serving as the chair other than it will be all about Dr. Thomas L. Walker. It is okay for him to include the man as a Democrat but it is one thing to appoint him to speak for the party when he do not even hold an office on the county executive committee. But I ain’t got time for that.

What really tickled me during the meeting is that Gladys Shelton 1st vice chair who chaired the meeting nominated Dr. Florence A. Armstrong and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs.

There is so much education to be done within the Democratic Party. During this meeting when we had a Democratic Governor my precinct had 5 votes during the party meetings but now since we have a Republican Governor I only have 1. I didn’t think about the change but really had no reason to. This is something that the chair should have educated us on during the meeting that was called in January but you see we didn’t vote on anything during that unnecessary meeting.

Educating Dems could even be done via email but we don’t receive them. There is no Edgecombe County Democratic Party Facebook Page sharing information and the county officers we have now, unless the new secretary can get the information to be shared then we will continue to go without being educated via email. Sad!

I have preached using technology but it does not good so I ain’t pushing it anymore.

Watch the video to see what actually happened at the meeting for yourself.

Click on photo for more photos

In this photo Rev. Roosevelt Higgs New County Chair


Click on photo to watch video

In this photo Gladys Shelton 1st Vice Chair


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