Words! I Have Learnt! As Election Day Gets Closer When I Speak . . .

I just love to watch and hear some folks take (words) messages and use it for their own personal self worth. And that is a good thing! Sometimes!

I am glad you asked boy what in the hell are you talking about because you are always saying something. Well I am always saying something because so many folks are afraid to say what needs to be said, so I get credit for what others are too damn scared to say. But always know I don’t need no pat on the back nor any accolades because I am for real.

Now some folk takes (words) messages and use it for their own personal self worth. But at the end of the day you can try to take other’s words, use them and feel good about yourself but at the end of the day, if you got some mess with you and you ain’t got it right, then it does not matter. All I am saying is you better be honest with yourself because I know you and you know me so you can hide behind or feel good about other folks (words) messages, it does not change your status.

Folks you better recognize that if what folks are saying about you are true then it can help you or hinder you. You can get mad because folks talk about you all you want. Well you gonna be mad the rest of your life because folks are going to talk about you until the end of times. But the real deal is don’t let what folks say about you be truth and if it is, what you gonna do about trying to get it right? Well maybe it do not matter to you but if what you are doing is going to have a major role in other folks lives you better get it. If you don’t you will be all messed up and may not be able to handle the outcome.

Well by now you are saying well who is he? I am the Political Agitator and I am the one who tell folks directly and indirectly what I say about them especially when they need me or want to represent, speak for me and etc. I am not the one who sit back and allow others to just do their thing without being held accountable. Oh yes I tell people to hold me accountable. But if you have noticed, I have not ran for an elected office since 1998 so I can am free and wouldn’t have it any other way.

So as I say all the time, you know I am political, I am a blogger, facebooker, twitter and write to the local newspapers, call in to several radio and tv talk shows voicing my opinion so don’t get mad when I talk about you. What you need to do is to prove me wrong and if you can’t do that then you have a problem. You are going to have a problem because I ain’t going to say anything that I can not back up and if I should error, I stand to be corrected and will get it right by apologizing as well.

As Election Day gets closer, when I speak you can get mad or whatever but I refuse to be silent when folks want to represent me, speak for me and whatever that may directly/indirectly affect me and the many folks whom allow me to speak for them. Oh don’t get it twisted! If you have not told me that I speak for you then I ain’t talking about I speak for you.

I recognize I have one voice and one vote so I know how much power I have. So go figure! Caus I know the power in one voice and one vote!

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