Joe W. Dickens Jr. Wake Wednesday March 26, 2014 Whites Chapel Speed NC Speech By Joe Titled, "This Is Why I Celebrate!"

The wake for Joe W. Dickens Jr. was the most powerful wake I have ever recorded. I have recorded a many over the years. The keynote speaker of the night as Rev. Roy Gray presider put it was Joe W. Dickens Jr. himself. When the audio began it felt as if Joe was in the room. An audio of Joe addressing Whites Chapel Church and his family on Thanksgiving Day 2013 titled, “This Is Why I Celebrate!” was so powerful that I felt it would have been sufficient for the night with no other remarks following. I felt the same message could have been played during the funeral and it would have been ENOUGH! I have watched this message every day since Wednesday night and it is just like watching it for the first time each and every time I watch it.

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In this photo Rev. Roy Gray Presider (back), Daniel Crandol (Left), Kelvin Dickens (Right) Dickens Funeral Home Inc. Staff


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