I Am A 51 Year Old Black Man And Race Has Been An Issue All Of My Life

I am a 51 year old black man and race has been an issue all of my life. I am reminded when I fill out certain forms that it matters to the system. So no matter how much anyone think race should not matter, well you may as well get over it because it was before I was born, it will be until the end of the world.

So I will not get caught up in race should not be an issue, I repeat I will not get caught up in race should not be an issue. I ain’t scared to talk about race.

I am a proud black man and will remind all folks who I am and whose I am. You see I have a problem with folks who do not recognize what race they are and want to think it does not matter. The system is not set up that way. The system is set up on COLOR so act like you are COLORBLIND all you want and your ass will be in the blind ie: the DARK!

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