Wake County school board opposes elimination of teacher tenure – News & Observer

Response: I agree with this 100%.

CARY — In front of a crowd of more than 100 cheering teachers, the Wake County school board unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday opposing the state’s plan to offer pay raises to top teachers in return for their giving up tenure rights.

School board members charged that the new contracts –part of a law passed by the legislature to eliminate tenure in four years — would hurt teachers’ morale, inhibit their spirit of collaboration and won’t fairly pay enough teachers for their hard work. But the school board stopped short of either filing suit against the law or preparing an affidavit in support of the N.C. Association of Educators’ lawsuit seeking to overturn the law. (Source: Read more)

Politics and Friendships Don’t Always Mix

Note: “I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!” “Now Run And Tell That!”

George we are brothers and that is the difference.

Greenville—NC   I googled “politics and friendships” looking for a particular quote.  But, what I got was so much more interesting—and so very unexpected.

It never really dawned on me the actual number of friendships a person can lose over politics.  That topic wasn’t what I was looking for when I googled, but—considering the past few weeks—it does seem rather serendipitous I came across the subject. 

 I’ve seen friendships end because of marriage.  I’ve seen friendships end because someone moved to the other side of the countryI’ve even seen friendships end because of religion.  But, it never crossed my mind that a person could lose a friend—a real friend—over something like politics.    To me it’s kind of like someone telling you their favorite color.  I wouldn’t necessarily get mad and not speak to someone—or call someone names—if I found out their favorite color was red and mine happened to be blue.  Or, their favorite basketball team wasn’t  my favorite.  

Now, I know you’re thinking that politics is a lot more important than someone’s favorite basketball team—and you’re right.  But, my point is that a true friend is way more important than politics!

When I googled the subject of friends and politics—like I said, I was looking for a quote.  But, what I found were many, many articles about how politics and friendships sometimes don’t mix.  So, I thought I’d share some personal experiences here and a few observations hoping that you can avoid some of the pitfalls of what seems to be (sadly) a more common experience than I’d  realized.

We all focus on friendships from different perspectives and from different vantage points.  So, it’s important to figure out what a friendship is…what it is to you and then what you think it may mean to the other person.

My autocorrect word dictionary (the same dictionary I cuss every single day) describes a friend as :   1)  a person you know well and regard with affection and trust;  2) an associate who provides cooperation or assistance; 3) or, simply  a person with whom you are acquainted. 

Each one of these definitions are really very different in meaning.  I primarily focus my blog and Facebook accounts on politics—and that is what I’ll focus on here. 

So, when it comes to politics, which definition does your friend fit into…1, 2 or 3?

Types of friendships—Good to Best:

Acquainted (3)


Associate/Cooperation (2)


Affection/Trusted  (1)


All of us have number three friends.  They’re like Facebook friends.  I mean that in a good way, not in a “I don’t know who the hell you are but I’m gonna friend you anyway”—kind of friend.  We see them at committee meeting sometimes, we know their names, etc.  But, they’re not the kind of friends you would necessarily call up on the phone. 
The number two friends are the people we work with: what I like to call the project friends.  They help you with Get Out The Vote in your county.  They keep you up to date on the next meeting or training session.   These are more than just Facebook friends, you depend on them and they depend on you to get the job done.
The number one friends are what I would consider the “real deal.”  They’re the friends you’ve known for a while, you trust them, you think they would say the same about you.  And, if you’re like me, you really don’t worry too much about pissing off your number one friends because you know if you said something they didn’t like they’d just call you and you’d work it out.  They’re the friends who’ve got your back when nobody else does. 
But, what happens when you and one of your best friends have a “falling out” over a political issue?  It doesn’t have to be a big issue.  Little issues can become big when they fester and escalate to the point of loud voices and name calling.  By that point, it’s sometimes too late to mend the fences
I’m not talking about anyone in particular—it’s just that over the years, I’ve had experiences with political friends that didn’t turn out well because we disagreed on issues.  Some small issues that became big and some big issues that became even bigger.   I learned, in the end, it’s all about communicationDon’t let it break downIf you’ve got a sinking feeling in your stomach that a friendship is headed in the wrong direction—and if you care to salvage that friendship—talk about it.  Talk about it before it’s too late.  Number one friends don’t come around all that often. 
You know when your gut is telling you something. And, if you have that feeling you can bet your friend is thinking something similar—but both of you are too damn stubborn and too bullheaded to admit it.
Look, there are way too many primaries and way too many general elections for you to start losing good friends.  There are enough issues we can agree on to offset most any county, district or state issue or disagreement. 
Once the name calling and mudslinging starts between good friends, even over politics—you can’t take it backYou can’t unring that bell.   Trust me when I say this: life is way too short and real friends are way too scarce to lose them over something that you can prevent.  I’ve had arguments with people from years ago—now, five years later—I can recall the argument but I can’t really remember what we started fussing about in the first place.  
All it takes is a little communication.  And, in the long run you’ll be glad you took the time to  work it out.  There have been many times I look back and wish I had. 
Oh!  I found my quote–

I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.  —Thomas Jefferson

Keep the faith!

Edgecombe County – Open Letter to Bronson Williams Candidate For District 3 House Seat And The Voters In The District

Note: This is letter 1 of 4 to all 4 candidates.

Although I am all about young folks getting involved, I do have some boundaries. I love it that you are a young man however at the moment I have some issues with you running to represent me.

First of all George Fisher and I used to have a talk show on WNCR-TV and once you came on board we soon figured out that all of us couldn’t be in the station at the same time. George and I had a hell of a show and there never was a dull Wednesday night on our 2 hour show. We had guest from across the state and nation. But we just couldn’t deal with what transpired and we got the hell out. The night we walked out you were running the boards and you had a problem with us not allowing callers to call in and run our damn show. Well you don’t have that problem because you get very few callers to none on your show.

During the time we had our show you had The Promise Radio and you would do that earlier in the evening before coming to WNCR-TV and you did just what the hell you wanted to do on your show. You have been very visible speaking out against the Rocky Mount City Council especially Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight along with your friend and co-host Nehemiah Smith Jr. and you used The Promise Radio Station you had operating out of Roanoke Rapids as a bully pulpit. You had an elderly lady up there not long before you had to shut the station down who was up there talking about me because she could not get me to talk about Andre Knight so she was on your show talking about suing me because I recorded a phone call she made to me. The lady fail off a ladder and has been in the rest of every since.

So that leads me to your motive as it relates to your new TV talk show “Moving Rocky Mount Forward.” You say you are doing it because of WHIG-TV over there talking negative about the Rocky Mount City Council especially as it relates to the Event Center Saga. Well I agree with you on that however again I question your motives as to why you would go after them when you went after Knight along with your friend Smith who also have a newspaper that used to target the Rocky Mount City Council especially Mayor Pro-tem Knight as well.

I can say you are using the TV station to your advantage however I hope your heart is in it. And to that degree I hope you get to understand the issues and the platform of the Democratic Party because you have stated publicly some things that you seem to don’t understand or you are just ignant to the facts. But I ain’t going to get into that because I am going to wait for you to say more about your campaign platform and the issues that are dear to the Democratic Party.

The owner of the station WNCR-TV has tried to get me back several times however I have refused and to even consider because of my previous relationship with the station.

I question your motives for running for office especially when I had called your new show about 2 weeks ago and I asked you to call me when the show went off. Towards the end of the show you announced that you were going down to file for the House District 23 seat. I said I know damn well he didn’t just go there. But don’t get it twisted because you have that right to go there, but I have a right to support or not to support you.

When you called and after talking about what I had asked you to call me for, I said I know you are not going to file for the House seat. You said yes I am. I said but why? You have no political experience on the local level and want to go straight to the state level, that is not how it works. I said Congressman G.K. Butterfield and Rep. Angela Bryant all started on the local and moved up so why you want to go there. I tried to talk you out of it but you said you had to file because you had announced it on TV. I said no you do not because the filing period will not end until about 2 weeks. I said you have not been active in the Democrat Party and you have no clue of the issues and etc. I said Shelly Willingham has filed and Taro Knight is going to file so why would you file. You said you had called the County Democratic Party Chair Will Solomon who decided he would not file and you had called the Martin County Democratic Party Chair and they gave you some insight. You also shared that you had talked to someone who has a church in Martin County and you were going to do this. I encouraged you to seek a local seat first and then work your way up but you chose to go file anyway. I asked you what Ward did you live in and you said Attorney Lamont Wiggins was your councilman. I said well he is suppose to file to run for Judge so there you have it. Oh but no you didn’t want to consider that. Oh wel

Well sir you are on my facebook page and I posted the following on January 12, 2014, Rep. Joe Pat Tolson House District 23 Will Not Seek Re-election Sources Say.” I stated the following,I live in the district and very much concerned about the seat being filled. If you are interested in filing for this seat please send me an inbox or call me at 252.314.5484 asap.” Maybe you missed it or you just didn’t care but whatever the reason I made the request above and it was up to others to contact me. Nope nobody has to contact me but if one wants my vote it would be wise especially since I am a blogger and have many, many followers locally and across the state and nation.

Several days later on January 15 and January 17 the following articles ran in the local newspaper, “Knight to seek state house seat?” and Willingham ponders District 23 run.I spoke to Knight and Willingham about their intentions so therefore I was aware of their intentions. I also spoke with Will Solomon and he said he was not going to file.

Bronson I can not support you as it relates to running for the House District 23 seat because I don’t feel this is your time. I don’t feel like you have the means of putting together a political team, the lack of political experience and no affiliation with the local Democratic Party is a strong weakness. Both Knight and Willingham have served in political arenas and their names are out there. People are asking me who are you and where do you live.

Well sir I will not tell a lie like some folks do and say that not supporting you is not personal. It is personal for me because I am actively engaged in politics and it matters to me who wants to represent me. I know folks so that makes me different from so many others because they do not know the candidates majority of of the time.

In my closing, I regret that you chose to file for the House seat however know that you are now a public figure and it is on. You know me and I know you so let the chips fall where they lay. Do know that we can agree to disagree on some things but as it relates to the House seat unless you can convince me that you know the issues and get it right as it relates to some things I mentioned above, then I can’t support you. But it determines on the outcome of the other 3 candidates, however my main concern is the 3 black candidates.

I am one of the most publicly active Democrats in Edgecombe County and I have been challenging all Democrats especially elected officials since I first became active in the early 90’s. I am a videographer and blogger so therefore I capture meetings, events and etc. I post them on my blog while making comments and giving others the opportunity to see things for themselves and after watching the entire video they can agree or disagree with me and most of all make an informed decision versus getting bits and pieces of what happened from the local newspapers.

Stay tuned for letters to the other candidates coming soon.