Tarboro NC: Walker retiring from newspaper industry – Daily Southerner

Response: Wishing you the best, however I was just fitting ready to pay you a visit because I have disagreed with you on 2 different occasions and it was about time to meet with you in person. Well it is all good! Again wishing you the best.

TARBORO — The Daily Southerner Publisher, John H. Walker, 63, is retiring from the newspaper industry after working at 14 newspapers in six states over a 48-year career. His final day at The Daily Southerner will be Friday.

Walker began his career as a high school sophomore, reporting football scores to regional newspapers and then as a spring sports and obituary clerk at his hometown paper, Delta Democrat-Times in Greenville, Miss.

“I started as the true Jimmy Olsen cub reporter and have been blessed to have the opportunity to do something I’ve enjoyed for many years,” Walker said. “Our industry has certainly changed over the years and not always for the better. Too many times, rather than respond with a well thought plan, it has been more of a knee jerk reaction driven by the bean counters and report gatherers.” (Source: Read more)


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