Edgecombe County: Damn 3 Blacks And 1 White Filed For The House 23 Seat

Damn here we go 3 black males filed for the House 23 seat. All are Democrats so do the math. Hell yeah it matters to me who the candidates are because I am actively engaged in Edgecombe County politics and I live in the 23rd District which consist of all of Edgecombe and Martin Counties.

I am very vocal and voice my opinions about people and issues so therefore one would think anyone running for an office in Edgecombe County would contact me before I begin endorsing candidates. But they don’t have to, however I think it would be wise unless I come out and endorse someone before the filing period closes. Normally I don’t endorse anyone until the filing period closes.

It is a damn shame that the 3 blacks could not come together and recognize and understand that they are going to split the black votes. I know they all have met but it didn’t do any good because as of now all of them are still in the race.

Taro Knight Mayor Pro-tem Tarboro City Council was the 1st to announce publicly that he would seek the seat after learning that Joe Pat Tolson was not going to seek re-election. I spoke to Taro and he shared with me his concerns.

Then a couple of days later Shelly Willingham announced publicly that he would seek the seat also. He called me and shared his concerns with me as well.

The 2nd week of filing I was watching WNCR-TV Bronson Williams who has started a Talk Show called Moving Rocky Mount Forward. I called in and I asked him to call me after the show went off not knowing that he was going to announce at the end of the show that he was going to announce that he was going to file for the House 23 seat.

Today I understand Rusty Holderness a white male has filed. Interesting.

In the next several hours I will be sending open letters to all of the candidates not limited to the House District 23 seat. I will share my conversations with the 3 black males, have not spoken to the white male.

One thought on “Edgecombe County: Damn 3 Blacks And 1 White Filed For The House 23 Seat

  1. Ignant ass I don’t recall stating who I am supporting in the race yet. I just pointed out they would split the black vote. Ya’ll ignant ass folks need to stop and think about what you are saying when you try to discredit me, Rev. Andre Knight and some other black folks. Don’t attempt to put words in our mouths because we say what we mean and mean what we say.

    However hell yeah RACE matters to me. I have no problem with talking about RACE caus I ain’t a Safe Negro.

    Now I will be endorsing candidates and if I choose a black person ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. Futhermore get the hell off my blog commenting with your ignant ass trying to speak for me. You can post here as long as you tell the truth and don’t try to speak for me and some others.

    Now Run And Tell That!


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