Spotlight On The Community – The Political Agitator Will Be Live On FM 99.3 This Morning 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

I will be a guest on FM 99.3 Spotlight On The Community this morning 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM today Tuesday February 25, 2014..

From their Website: Listen as we turn the SPOTLIGHT on our community, the Rocky Mount-Wilson area. Weekdays 7-9 am at 99.3 FM or listen LIVE online at

6 thoughts on “Spotlight On The Community – The Political Agitator Will Be Live On FM 99.3 This Morning 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

  1. YEP, YEP, educated on how illiterate you are, and I learned that you are illiterate, you slur your words, you can’t pronounce too many words, you sound like a empty wagon coming down the skreet (noisy), you are like a rocking chair (moving but not going anywhere)…LMBO and SMH….YES, I listened for about 10-15 minutes…long enough to prove my point from the looks of your pic…you look and sound like your favorite word…IGNANT!!!!! With the time you waste on trying to educate someone, you can use that time to educated yourself, learn something meaningful like, pray, read the BIBLE, go to church and get your soul right with the soon coming King…you are going to miss God and be left behind…OH, thanks for stopping long enough out of your busybody job to read this….HA


  2. I heard you talking about and defending Andre Knight….how dare you, the same defense you have for him, I have for Pastor Gailliard….you said you haven’t been to college, and you have skreet sense…HA HA…you are definitely your favorite word…IGNANT….YOU SOUND STUPID…YOU HAVE WASTED GOOD RADIO TIME…YOU NEED THE LORD IN YOUR LIFE….SERIOUSLY!!!!!!


  3. Finally there is a ignorant voice, you sound illiterate, you need to go somewhere and sit your self down…you babble on, but have no point. Get educated, take some speech lessons before you go on live radio again.


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