NAACP NC HKonJ Moral March On Raleigh How Many People Really Attended? Does It Really Matter?

I keep hearing there were 80,00, 20,000 even maybe 100,000 people at the march. I don’t know how many were there but it damn sure was a lot of people there.

Were you there? Hell, if you had been there the number would have been greater, but it still would not have changed the outcome of the purpose of the march.

Okay now back to the numbers game. It does not matter what the actual count was because I don’t think you can possibly figure out exactly how many people were there since there was no way to actually count the people. Hell, who can count to 10,000, 20,000, 80,000 or 100,000 off the top of their head. Not my ignant ass.

Well I was at the march just like I have been at most if not all of them. I am listed as a partner of the HKonJ and I am a Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP and I am glad about it.

The point is folks are sick and tired of being sick and tired of what is going on in NC and we participated in the march. While some folks are trying to count how many people were there, frankly I don’t give a damn. What I do care about is I witnessed and recorded via video and photos the 1,000’s of people that were there to hear the messages that we received.

So Now Run & Tell That!

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