I Am Watching You!

Just to let you know, I look at who and what people LIKE or COMMENT when I post things and on other folks STATUS. Sometimes I wonder why some folks will LIKE certain posts or comment on certain things that to me is not that important. Is it because they are afraid of how others will feel about them? Well I don’t care about how others feel about me. But then again that is just because I am ignant like that.

Folks how do you sit back allow things to go in your community and do not LIKE the posts and/or COMMENT on them when folks are bringing it to your attention? Keep on waiting on other folks to save you because if you have not experience some things, just wait awhile and you will have to reach out to those folks who are speaking truth to power to help you one day.

Now don’t twist this because I don’t need anyone to LIKE and/or COMMENT on anything I say because I don’t need any validation. You see my stuff is normally validated before I post or comment on someone else STATUS.

I receive phone calls from across the nation from folks who read my stuff. About 2 weeks ago a lady called me from California about an issue she was having with the hospital about how they were treating her dad. I listened to her for 1 hour and then I told her how I felt she should move forward.

A couple of days ago I received a phone call from a lady in Goldsboro, a white male in Greensboro and a white male from Raleigh in reference to the NC Democratic Party and the treatment of Dr. Ben Chavis/Randy Voller. (See what I am talking about as you read other posts on my blog.)

So if you don’t LIKE or COMMENT on my posts it does not matter but again I am watching. Well!

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