Get This! Got A Problem With How I Write On My Blog? Damn Delete, Ignore Or Whatever Hell Works For You!

While I am online I am Blogging, on Facebook, Twitter, chatting with folks from across the country and sometimes on the phone all at the same time. Hell my thoughts in my writings may not be worded just right but you get the message. I go back and re-read after publishing a post but I miss some things because when you know what you want to say and your fingers are typing, sometimes it don’t come out right. But I have asked others to bring my errors to my attention. But what you ain’t fitting ready to do is to post an ignant post about how I write when you know you got the damn message. Oh hell, damn! Yeap I like to use those words but recently I have added ass to my list. I like to use manure instead of the real word. What I try to stay away from is the F-word because for me that is just too deep.

When I post on my blog it automatically goes to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkenIn accounts. So if you are following me on any of these Social Networking Programs and you have a problem with what I am saying please delete me because I am going to continue to do what I do. I use Social Network to be educated and to educate. I don’t play games so do not send me any GAME REQUEST because I ain’t got time for that!

If you should respond on any of my Social Networking posts about how I write, then you are going to automatically get cussed the hell out. I am in control of what I write and I will write how I want to, when I want to and about what I want to. I am a grown man and I say grown man stuff!

So there you have it, another reminder.

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4 thoughts on “Get This! Got A Problem With How I Write On My Blog? Damn Delete, Ignore Or Whatever Hell Works For You!

  1. I believe there is difference between IGNORANT and ignant…which his what you are…you post this stuff just to get feedback…if you want to curse ( not cuss) someone out…step 1. Go look in the mirror, you have some issues that you need to work out within yourself. You do not need to keep belittling yourself, you make your own self look really low. I’m seriously going before God concerning you. Have you ever heard ” if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”… obviously not. Nothing you say makes any sense. I have never read your blogs, and don’t intend to, this is the first and only! I have scrolled through and find nothing but bitterness and a bunch of manure and loud mouthing. It’s so easy to do what you, which is sit behind a computer screen or whatever you use to dump your filthy mouth…don’t quit your day job. I’m bracing myself for your rude reply.


    • Ignant do you know the difference between IGNORANT and ignant? Since you believe it is, then post the difference here for the record.

      Oh hell no I don’t need any feedback because I don’t need anyone to validate what I say because I do my homework.

      Everybody has some issues and I ask that others hold me accountable just like I hold them accountable. However what you ain’t fitting ready to do is to come up here and make my posts about me. Go on your damn page and you can talk about me all that you please because I know who I am and whose I am.

      You don’t need to go before God concerning me, you better go concerning yourself.

      If I don’t make sense what is your ignant ass doing on my page trying to discredit me, so stay the hell off it. But do understand I have to approve your ignant comments and I will not after tonight if you don’t post as I asked you to. If you are not going to answer the questions then shut the hell up.

      Ignant if you read the what you are responding to, you have read my blog because you have to go to my blog to read the entire post. Now you are too ignant!

      Ignant I am a grown ass man so you don’t need you to tell me what to do about my day job.

      Now Run & Tell That!


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