Rocky Mount NC: Open Letter to Gwen Wilkins Former 1st Vice Chair NC State Democratic Party

A couple of days ago I received a call asking me had I read your comment in the Rocky Mount Telegram as it relates to the “Chavis choice worried some Democrats.” I had not.

After reading the following I had a flashback to the last State Executive Committee (SEC) meeting that I attended as a proxy member with voting privileges when I witnessed Nina Szlosberg and her well organized crew (on the SEC) defeated you as you were the 1st Vice Chair. They (within the party elites) didn’t even want you to carry out the meeting because the chair had resigned his post. I felt they had no respect for you and I voiced my opinion about that situation. Damn Szlosberg resigned last year shortly after defeating you because she had an issue with the newly elected Chairman Randy Voller that was elected during the meeting that you were defeated. Remember I said along with some others that her campaign platform seemed as if she should had been seeking the seat that Voller was seeking. Well in my opinion it was all about removing you.

So now I am having a hard time trying to comprehend how you would state your opinion about how you felt about Dr. Chavis when you in my opinion were lynched. During that SEC meeting, some of the SEC members were very rude to you and you had to fight them while continuing to carry out the meeting. Another one of those meetings I videoed and post on my blog.

But back to your comments about Dr. Chavis, “Hiring Chavis “just wasn’t a good fit for the Democratic Party,” said Gwen Wilkins of Rocky Mount, a council member and Voller supporter. Wilkins said that while “Chavis may know politics and civil rights … he did not know the inner workings of the state Democratic Party.” I would like to know how did you come to that opinion?

Hell you were the 1st Vice Chair and they felt you wasn’t a good fit for whatever reason, however I feel the reason was they didn’t want to see a black woman in the position in which you would be the acting chair whenever the chair was not present or if he/she should step down and/or was removed for whatever reason.

I received a call on yesterday from someone from another county who wanted to know did I have your phone number. They went on to tell me what they wanted. They said they wondered would you be interested in the position of the State Executive Director. I said but are you familiar with how you lost your post as the 1st Vice Chair because of the SEC members? After I shared what happened, they said they remembered. I said so if they didn’t want you as the 1st Vice Chair, why would I waste my time worrying about them hiring you as the E.D. I said it would never happen. I said and some folks are probably mad as hell about your comment about Dr. Chavis. Hell some things are better kept yourself until you get in a position to be able to respond. I asked the person did they want to the number if I got it for them and they said no, I trust in what you just shared because it makes sense.

After sharing my conversation with some others at different times they said maybe your response is because you may be interested in the E.D. position. I said I had not thought about that and that they may be on to something.

I hope you don’t forget who make up the SEC and what is really going on with the State NCDP because I know you know. But maybe you have forgotten, don’t care or in denial. But whatever, you better recognize that when it comes to certain folks, it will not matter how much experience one may have, certain folks will never be good enough.

As it relates to Dr. Chavis my opinion of him serving as my E.D. I don’t need to waste my time on that matter since Chairman Voller didn’t submit his name. What I will say is that I do believe that since he has served as the National Director of the NAACP that he is qualified to hold an E.D. position in just about any organization. But that is just my ignant ass opinion. I do agree that he damn sure don’t know the inner workings of the state Democratic Party but I bet you he would find out shortly if he was given the opportunity to serve at any capacity on the state level. Hell he may have resigned himself after seeing what he would had to deal with.

I have been challenging folks on Social Media who have been attempting to discredit Dr. Chavis by publicly lynching him dating back to 1994 over something that they are basing their opinion on because they are not acting on facts.

I know Dr. Chavis on a personal note when II  first met him when he served as the National Executive Director of the NAACP when he came to Greenville NC for our NC NAACP State Convention in 1993. I remember so well because it was he and the NAACP that got Allen Iverson was locked and was to spend years in prison because of a fight in a bowling alley but the white boys didn’t get any time. Iverson was about to finish high school and was getting ready to go to the NBA so they were determined to keep him out.

My friend please don’t get caught up in the SEC issues by helping those folks to discredit folks even yourself because they don’t want to see certain folks in high positions.

Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator

Chavis choice worried some Democrats

RALEIGH — The planned hiring of a long-term executive director for the North Carolina Democratic Party has been delayed as both allies and critics of Chairman Randy Voller expressed concern about his early choice of former national NAACP leader Benjamin Chavis.

Voller canceled a Wednesday news conference in Raleigh to announce his pick to run the party’s day-to-day operations. Voller said in an interview the event at state party headquarters was delayed partly by weather. But Voller also appears to have pulled back on naming Chavis to the post that became vacant last weekend with Voller’s firing of executive director Robert Dempsey.

Voller didn’t seek the approval of Chavis as executive director from the party’s 51-member executive board during an unwieldy conference call Tuesday night. Instead, a divided board agreed to hire Voller ally Casey Mann as interim director and meet within 30 days on a permanent replacement. (Source: Read more)

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