Rocky Mount NC – Open Letter To: Pastor James D. Gailliard Word Tabernacle Church Rocky Mount NC

I remember the first time I was in your presence it was at Metropolitan Church in Rocky Mount when the NAACP held a meeting there concerning the flood in New Orleans. When you stood up and said you had atleast one tractor trailer truck at your church that was going to be filled to be sent to New Orleans, I said who is this guy? I began to do my homework asking who you were.

Later I learned a little more about you when you petitioned the Rocky Mount City Council seeking some funds to do an Impact Center at Claremont apartments. During that time you and some of your church members attended the City Council meeting because some city council members didn’t support you.

Over the years I have been hearing a lot about how good you preached. I was asked to video a funeral in Pinetops and you preached the funeral. I enjoy hearing you preach. I have never heard a preacher preach a funeral as you did and I thought you did a great job. Last year I was asked to video a wedding whereby you performed the ceremony and again I have never heard a preacher perform a wedding ceremony as you did and thought you did a great job.

Last year you had began a talk show on FM 92.1 and I called in almost weekly. Although I didn’t agree with most of your opinions on certain topics as it relates to politics and especially some of your comments about our first black President.

I talk to a lot of folks, some I know and some I don’t know from across the nation. I receive calls, text messages, emails, facebook messages, twitter messages and LinkedIn messages and sometimes mail via USPS whereby folks share information with me. I also do my homework on my own and do some research on the information that I receive to see if it is valid.

Now, as a long time community/political activist since the early 90’s, I take it personal when folks do things as it relates to community and political activism. Folks must have the good of all people in mind when they are making decisions that affect me and others. I have family and friends in Rocky Mount. I have worked in Rocky Mount since 1987. I have been actively engaged in the NAACP Rocky Mount Branch since 1992 and is a Life Fully Paid Member. I have served on the local Democratic Party Executive Committee for numerous years and served as the interim county chair from 1998 – 1999. I was the vice chair of N.E.E.D. Inc. in the early 90’s until the late 90’s. I have attended and been a host of numerous meetings in the Rocky Mount area since the late 80’s and was a member of Black Workers For Justice during that time.

I understand since the shooting in Rocky Mount took place at your church, some folks have been raising some questions. Well I have some too.

Did you not move out of the house that belongs to the church and the basketball court is like right there?

Did you not move to Wilson?

Did you not recently move to the mansion over on West Mount Drive?

Are you in negotiation trying to purchase the old Home Depot to move your church that is not in a neighborhood?

Did the family of the 15 year old that was recently killed ask to have the funeral at your church but the funeral was held at Greater Joy?

I find it ironic that the funeral was at Greater Joy and then there was a shooting at your church on the same evening.

The noon day prayer held at your church the next day or 2 after the shooting was a good thing. However I understand that it were mostly white folks that were on the program. And that is good because my great granddaddy was a white man and there are interracial marriages in my family. But what I don’t understand is why is it white people have to be in the spotlight of a black community issue? It is enough resources in the black community to deal with some of our black issues. I have been told that certain people were not invited but WHIG-TV and some other folks on Social Media ask why certain folks were not in the video during the prayer. Well I understand they were not invited.

A couple of days later I hear about a meeting was held at the mansion and I understand that it was private. I know that I was listening to FM 99.3 and they asked that someone call in about the meeting that morning and no one called.

I have been made aware of a Community Forum to be held at your church on February 17. I can’t wait to see who the panel will be.

Sir I hope that something positive will come out of all of this and it really do bring the black community together. It is time that our black pastors, community leaders, individuals and all black folks to come together and to put aside personalities and whatever that is keeping us divided so that the black community can truly move forward.

I challenge you along with the others in Rocky Mount to work hard to bring the black community together.

Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator

Note: Folks if you want to comment you better come correct. What you ain’t fitting ready to do is respond on my page with some ignant bull manure. If you want to answer the questions above you best copy and paste the questions and then respond but other than that you can keep your bull manure opinions to yourself. I understand this may be your Pastor and/or your friend or whatever. If you want to attempt to discredit anything I have posted here you best post FACTS and not just your EMOTIONS because I will not approve your comment.


17 thoughts on “Rocky Mount NC – Open Letter To: Pastor James D. Gailliard Word Tabernacle Church Rocky Mount NC

  1. I just became a member of Word Tabernaclealso new to N.C.,Lord I didn’t know anything about all of this. I really enjoy the teaching I get there. So all I will say to this, is time is too short for all this mess. Love you brother who ever you are, you will be in my prayers.


    • My letter has nothing to do with his teachings. I enjoyed him the times I heard him preach as well. This had nothing to do with his preaching.

      Don’t get the part you say time is too short for all this mess but it is okay.

      This has nothing to do with you and I so don’t know why the need to say you love me and you will have me in your prayers.

      But again it is okay!


  2. You’ll talk about him like you know him. Sorry to say pastor G is not going to respond to you because he has class. Furthermore, I hope you don’t think that this little blog hurts him. Hey they talked about, and crucified Jesus so you’ll little useless talking is for the birds. He does not have to answer to anyone but God. Since you’ll are not God, what you think or say is so irrelevant.


    • Ignant first of all I have not said anything negative about him just stated some facts in question form.

      So if in my conversation I acted as if I know him, then obviously I do to a certain degree. I know what the hell I am talking about here and if you can prove what I have said to be wrong, then I will post it. Otherwise you need to follow my damn instructions in RED!

      As I have stated earlier, he does not have to respond that is his option.

      I have not tried to hurt him so don’t get it twisted.

      Don’t profess to be God, never have and never will.

      But one thing I am and that is I am not ignant to what is going on around me. I am going to educate others too even your ignant ass.

      Now Run and Tell That!


  3. Freedom of Speech is for everyone. Word Tabernacle described itself as the church that was going to change south Rocky Mount. There have been fundraising project after fundraising project for the purpose of buying apartments, quality housing, and building a new church. Where are the apartments? where are the houses? When will the grounding breaking ceremony for the church occur? What is going to happen to the 64 + acres that the church member bought for 1.2 million dollars on West Mount? Is the leadership of WTC really planning to invest money into South Rocky Mount? I don’t mean paying an electric bill or free meals for gatherings. I mean really invest and help get quality housing and apartments.
    Talk is cheat. Action is what is needed. What am I doing? I have purchased properties in SRM to help get the elderly or families into nice clean brick houses with nice yards. As for the Home Depot building, according to Sandra Smith of WHIG TV, Pastor Gailliard offered to lease the Home Depot building to the City of RM for use as a Entertainment Facility. Please feel free to call her. Anyone member of the community that has ever given a dollar to any ministry has the right to question the behavior of the leadership of that ministry. If you don’t believe me, ask the IRS. God Bless You All


  4. I don’t understand where and why you made this blog or why you chose to do an open letter to Pastor Gailliard. Then you got a word for a word for those that comment on your mess. All you do is rant on and on, which sounds as though you are confused and going in circles, so you look and sound pointless. I see you wanted feedback, I see it was a random thought or something, maybe you was sitting around and just wanted to BASH someone…in which it sounds like you bashed your forehead on something hard. All you’re doing is making yourself look stupid. God sees you, he knows the emptiness and bitterness you have within yourself…you need help, so kneel before The Lord and repent and ask Him to come into your heart and life and change your way of thinking, then I believe you will do and say something on your blog that will help someone. I rebuke and bind up every evil thought or imagination you may have when you respond, I know you are going to lash it out, so every word you speak against me will fall and shatter as soon as it comes out of your mouth. IN JESUS’ MIGHTY AND HOLY NAME.


    • For you information I chose to do an open letter to Pastor Gailliard because so much b.s. information is out there and the truth need to be made known. However I know some folks don’t wan the truth to be made known.

      Hell yeah I got a word for a word because you and the other ignant ass responders are not the ones whom the letter was written and I should not have to tell you that because of your first sentence. SMDH! I said if others wanted to respond to respond to the damn questions or else keep your ignant ass comments to yourself because you ain’t fitting ready to come on my page and respond as you please.

      Oh hell no I am far from being confused because I know the truth and ain’t scared to say it publicly unlike many others.

      I haven’t bashed anyone. How about your ignant ass respond to the questions and make me out of a lie since you want to speak for the Pastor. I don’t just sit around, I work a real job during the day.

      I don’t need to repent for anything that I have said and stand behind everything I have said. I am going to say what I mean and mean what I say and I don’t care how your ignant ass receive it.

      Ignant unless you answer the questions don’t think about responding in the future. I will not approve your ignant response in the future because you will post here while not signing your name. You see that is the difference between you and I, lyour ignant ass is afraid to sign your name. Why? Because hell I could do an open letter to you.

      You got so much JESUS but can’t sign your name. I am afraid of scared religious folks, they are a danger to society talking about they got faith and boldness. JESUS do not have any coward soldiers.

      Now Run & Tell That!


  5. I see that so many people are getting offended. You are not trying to discredit Pastor G however you raised several questions. You just say what people are thinking. Why didn’t he get involved when the 15 yr old got killed? Everybody knows him and Pope are partnered together so it was said that since Pope didn’t provide services for 15 yr old Pastor G didn’t let the family have the services at WTC. It has been my observation that if it’s a funeral service at WTC Pastor G is the only one that does the service. I know a guy that got at a store on Cokey Rd this summer and was suppose to have the service at WTC but didn’t because Pastor G was out of town however I it wasn’t an issue with having someone to do the Eulogy because huge deceased uncle is a Pastor.


  6. First off the answer to the churh moving is because of the population of the churh nothing to do with the neighborhood. It was actually majority blacks at the meeting I was along as well as my mom who are members. He has the right to stay where ever he likes. I know numerous of funerals being held at my church and for free of cost dnt try and attack my pastor what church do you belong using profane words after criticizing my pastor isnt a good look


    • First of all you don’t know me and I don’t know you. But I be damn if you going tell me what I can and can not say on my blog. I don’t give a damn where your Pastor live and where the church move to.

      I don’t remember mentioning you in my post. If you want to answer the questions you can do so but I will not allow you to come on my blog and act on your EMOTIONS.

      Oh hell yeah I am quite sure it was a majority black at the meeting but I am not speaking to those folks, I am speaking to the ministers those who spoke, prayed and/or etc.

      I didn’t mention about other funerals and mentioned one in particular so that is irrelevant to my post.

      It does not matter what church, if I even belong to a church because I am a grown ass man and I say grown ass man stuff.

      Criticizing your Pastor? Oh I can’t question him? Oh I need to do like so many especially in most churches, be afraid to question them? As I stated you don’t know me, so need to ask somebody.

      Now Run and Tell That!


      • You are one of the reason we have gangs Mr NAACP I paid all my dues!! You are such a Black man role model they can look up too!!! Im sure NAACP would not appreciate you disgracing their name like this!! You sounds like a lonely bitter black man dying for a spotlight! !! BLING you got it now!!!! Now you can curse me out all you want since that gets you hard!!!!! You act like this but on your wanta(ghetto speaking like you) be educated side wonders why you couldn’t personally be on the forum??!!! Righhtttt…… Yet I still pray for people like you! #No weapon form against Pastor G shall prosper! I love you 2!!


      • Ignant I am so damn glad that I know who I am and whose I am. You don’t get to define who I am.

        Damn now I am the reason we have gangs. Too damn ignant!

        I have never considered myself a role model and it is not my mission to be a role model. However many children, both young men and women respect me because they know who I am and what I stand for.

        I speak for me and not the NAACP. What you need to remember is I am a grown ass man and I say what I mean and mean what I say.

        Ignant I don’t know you. You do nothing for me. I have a wife, enough said.

        Wonder why I can’t be on the forum? Nope not interested in the forum. I turn down being on panels so since you don’t know me, you don’t know what I do.

        Oh hell no don’t pray for me because I rebuke that prayer.

        I am definitely not forming a weapon against your Pastor unless the truth is the weapon. If you want to answer each question one by one then do so but what you ain’t fitting ready to do is come on my page and respond for another person when I don’t recall asking you to do so.

        Damn what a lie! You don’t know me so you can’t possibly love me.

        Now Run & Tell That!


  7. I’m sure that Pastor Gailliard (you misspelled his name) is feverishly working on a response to your questions right now. LOL!!!!

    You really think he owes YOU an explanation as to where he chooses to live? Again – LOL!!!!


    • Thanks for bringing to my attention that I misspelled his name. I have corrected that.

      He do not have to respond because he has options.

      Nope he don’t owe me an explanation, he don’t owe me anything.

      So that is all you could come up with out of all I said, that he can choose where he live. I don’t give a damn where he lives and if I did I would have stated such.

      Now Run & Tell That!


      • Speaking as a member, I was told a week before the shooting that we were relocating b/c of our growing congregation; days later it was confirmed. So as an active church I would like to clear that up. As for where he resides is not and should not be of anyone or ones concern. My pastor wants to make this place,city,area(s) safe for us as well as for the future generations, and I have his back 110%!


      • Thank you for your response but damn I don’t remember asking for you to respond.

        Speaking as a non-member I had heard about the move more than a week before. There is nothing for you to clear up because I didn’t ask you for your response. Frankly I don’t give a damn where he lives but I can talk about it.

        You say, “My pastor wants to make this place,city,area(s) safe for us as well as for the future generations, and I have his back 110%!”

        I say really? What was he doing before the shooting occurred at the church? Please educate me. I am glad you have his back 110% but that is not what this post is about. And you are not going to come over here and post manure that has no interest to me coming from you. If you want to speak for your Pastor then go down the list and answer the questions and then maybe you can educate somebody because I already know. But you see I like to give those whom I have questions for the opportunity to respond if they desire and if they do not, hell all well and fine with me.

        Now Run & Tell That!


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