Rocky Mount NC – Damn Just Stumbled Across Yet Another Site (The Observers) That Is Targeting Rocky Mount Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight

Response: Damn here we go again. Yet another ignant ass group that is targeting Rocky Mount Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight. Black folks and conscious white folks how do you continue to join these groups? Keep on allowing these groups to mislead you while you don’t even know by name who are starting these groups. Read the following links and then click on the links at the end of article: “Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What!: See How A Bunch Of Ignant Racist Ass White Folks Get Bull Manure Started Misleading Folks – Rocky Mount Event Center Saga


The Observers has two entities. One on the outside keeping watch on all of the Observers Yard Sign and window decal owners so they can feel safe at home, dealing with kids being bullied, and helping ALL parents with issues they may have with their kids, like gangs.

The second entity is here. Supplying residents with the knowledge to take back their city. To bring attention to everything that has been tearing our community apart, in other words, gathering our army and stand together as one big family of ALL races.

We are going to talk about the second entity for now. How do we make a change using social media? Many of you already have that answer because we JUST proved it works, SHARING!

But that’s only half the battle. The secret that these companies and politicians use is what is called "Public Attention Span". They know that eventually people will stop making a stink about something and things will go back to normal. Lets take an example:

Food Prices! Every year food goes up, people complain, but then it’s accepted as the norm. What if we approached this in a different way? Lets pick Harris Teeter and Food Lion. With SHARING we can spread the word to only shop at Harris Teeter until Food Lion lower their prices.

Now we all know some people will still shop at Food Lion, but many will not, and that hurts profit. Now we will use HISTORY to prove this point.

Martin Luther King did it with the buses. They hurt their bottom line so much that the rule had to change, not because it was the right thing to do, but GREED. So here is how WE will do it:

Not only will we share what we want changed, but we will make a list of all our wants and keep going over the list until our demands are met. Lets use an example in current time:

Andre Knight sat there and ON TV told Mr. Daughtridge, in so many words " We have the votes to get this done" meaning the African American votes. I don’t want to bring race into this, but if the color of their skin was reversed, ALL HELL WOULD HAVE BROKE LOOSE.

Since that town meeting, how much have you heard about it? This is something that needs to CONSTANTLY be brought up until he resigns, and with so much pressure he would.

To think we can change all of this with just the click of a button is pretty cool. The more shares we get, the more people hers our message, and in this case, when it comes times to vote, everyone will have in their minds what he said, then out he goes!

Before we began our crusade, lets hear ANY suggestions or questions on how to improve this plan. ALL of us has to agree on this in order for it to work.

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