Richard Sherman’s Dad Refuses To Live Off Him, Wakes Up At 3:45 AM To Drive A Garbage Truck – Parental Soul

Just when you think the Richard Sherman story can’t get any better, IT DOES! Let me just tell you up front that I’m a MASSIVE fan of this young man and his parents. Listening to him clearly articulate his thoughts in front of a room full of media outlets being broadcast around the country is enough to know he had a great upbringing and people around him, his parents.

Richard Sherman graduated number 2 in his Compton high school, graduated from Stanford University with a 3.7 GPA, stayed for a Master’s degree, was drafted to the NFL, became a Pro Bowler, and made the key play to send his team to the Super Bowl, but none of this is why the story gets better. (Source: Read more)


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