City to consider $355,000 grant for Nutkao – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: During the Rocky Mount City Council monthly meeting held on the 2nd Monday, Lige Daughtridge President of the Community Council came to tell the Rocky Mount City Council that they didn’t need to build an event center and it was not on the agenda. So today the RM City Council will hold their monthly committee of the whole meeting at 2:00 PM and their monthly meeting held at 4:00 PM on the 4th Monday. So will WHIG-TV and Lige President of the Community Council show up to talk about the event center again? I wouldn’t doubt it because Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount has a petition asking Mayor Pro-tem Knight to step down and/or asking for signatures to get him removed. Well that is too ignant because Knight is not going to step down and the signatures can’t remove him so FCCRM is misleading folks, which is criminal in my opinion. The very group who is reporting crime is promoting criminal activity in my opinion because in my opinion they are a prime target for defamation of character when they have a petition saying that Knight do not live in Ward 1. Knight won a lawsuit against Edgecombe County because of Roosevelt Higgs and the Edgecombe County Board of Elections tried to remove him.

The Rocky Mount City Council will vote on three budget ordinance amendments during its 4 p.m. Monday meeting, two of which are the result of grants.

The most significant of these amendments is a $355,000 grant from the Golden LEAF Foundation to cover construction costs associated with a pretreatment facility for new business, Nutkao, and other businesses in the Whitakers Industrial Park.

Nutkao plans to open a new food processing plant in the Battleboro community, which is expected to create 74 new jobs by the end of 2018. (Source)

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One thought on “City to consider $355,000 grant for Nutkao – Rocky Mount Telegram

  1. In addition to many other things, you obviously know nothing about legal matters. A defamation lawsuit? REALLY?!? Go ahead. See how far that gets.


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