When We As Parents Do The Best That We Can (What Is Required Of A Parent) Then Our Living Will Not Have Been In Vain

When we as parents do the best that we can (what is required of a parent) then our living will not have been in vain.

When we become a parent then we must give up our childish ways and know that we must sacrifice at all cost for the welfare of our children.

We must understand that when we have children it becomes all about our children.

If you have children stop and ask yourself am I doing the very best that I can about my children. If you don’t know what is required to do your very best, then you need to ask somebody.

If you do not have any children stop and ask am I ready to be the very best parent that I can be doing what is required to be a parent and if your answer is no, then just don’t do it.

Children should not have to worry about how they will eat, how they will be clothed and other things in life that is required of a parent. Curmilus Dancy II Monday January 27, 2014

Area residents help tackle Princeville clean-up – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — PRINCEVILLE — More than 70 volunteers braved the cold and windy conditions Saturday to spruce up the oldest town in America chartered by African Americans. The volunteers picked up paper and debris, cleared pine straw buildup off roads, removed downed trees and limbs from the cemetery and also cut the grass in the cemetery.

Although the volunteers worked feverishly, they didn’t come close to completing the monumental task.

"We’ve started a journey of a thousand miles," said the Rev. Thomas Jones of Tarboro. "It’s a great beginning."

Jones, 72, and his crew, Rusty Holderness, 63, Milton Cherry, 60, Willie McDowell, 62, were by far the oldest crew. The foursome, began their task on Geddie Avenue. –

See more at: http://www.dailysoutherner.com/local/x1768003508/Area-residents-help-tackle-Princeville-clean-up#sthash.TiK6G3ya.dpuf

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Princeville NC

As I Was Doing Some Researching On The Web I Found This To Be Quite Interesting, “Good of the Community – or Pulling the Race Card?” Civitas Institute

Response: But some ignant asses are asking why am I concerned with what goes on in Rocky Mount because I don’t live there. But other white groups can weigh in but I can’t. First of all I can be concerned about whatever the hell I want to be concerned about. Now Run & Tell That!

Last night in Rocky Mount,  the City Council had an open meeting and heard several petitions from local residents. In the following clip (0:00 – 3:53), Lige Daughtridge, a local business leader , presents an argument for more hearings about the proposed Rocky Mount Event Center. Daughtridge is part of a local group called the Community Council that was formed to inform citizens about issues such as the Event Center. Points of concern included the amount of money being spent on studies for the event center and whether or not more opinions from the community should be heard. The question left on the table was: Would an Event Center in Rocky Mount be the best use of city resources?

What happens on the video from 8:34 – 10:38 may startle you. Andre Knight, a City Councilman and arrestee at “Witness Wednesday,” began to question Daughtridge’s motives for raising concerns about the Event Center. The main point Knight presented was that the questioning arose “because of the makeup of the Council” and that there is an African American City Manager. While looking through all the arguments against the event center, there is no mention of the demographic makeup of Rocky Mount. (Read more at: Civitas Institute)

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Ignant Column: Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Petition To Remove Rocky Mount Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight Is Too Ignant!


Rocky Mount NC – In Response To: “Put bickering aside and work to rebuild and advance Rocky Mount”by Harris Walker – Rocky Mount Telegram Editorial

If responding to code words when certain folks address the Rocky Mount City Council and Mayor Pro-tem address them for what they really are, then continue to call it playing the race card. I know for a fact that the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount has received the much needed attention that previous councils made sure they were left behind.

Not knowing how old you are and I assume you are atleast 30 years old and if you are older that makes it even worst. I haven’t heard any black folks that say they want to relive the time they remember from back in those days.

I know as a fact black folks don’t want to re-live going down to the all white and/or majority white council asking for their fair share and to be treated as if they were nobody and then when these folks left, that city council voted just like they wanted to leaving out black folks.

Perceived waste? Prove it! Fraud and abuse? Prove it!

Also prove that Knight called Lige a racist because the video I seen he did not. For Knight to say that he felt that Lige didn’t support it because the Rocky Mount City Council is a majority black and the city manager are black is a fact. Are you, WHIG-TV, Lige Daughtridge President The Community Council, Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount and their supporters saying that the Rocky Mount City Council is not a black majority and the city manager is not black? If Knight wanted to call Lige a racist, the Knight that I know would have called him a racist by saying he was a racist point blank.

What more do you and they want? They have 3 minutes to speak on any issue and the issue do not have to be on the agenda unlike some other boards and commissions. The event center was not on the agenda.

Higher standards when responding? Oh so now you want the city council members to bow down to the white man and to respond how they feel the city council should respond to them. Now that is too ignant!

You say, “To Mr. Knight and others in Rocky Mount from all backgrounds, this outdated, racially motivated fighting must stop or Rocky Mount will continue on a downward spiral, losing more current business and deterring new businesses and people from moving to our great city.”

Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight you keep speaking truth to power because you have some power. You have the power of your 1 vote and it is up to the others how they vote. Do not allow those who want to take the city back to their youth days sway you. It is a lie that Rocky Mount is on a downward spiral and has not been since this council has been in office.

How misleading to make it appear that only Rocky Mount is losing businesses. All towns are losing businesses and some choose to stay and some choose go. The city council has no control over those who choose to stay and/or those who choose to leave.

You say “I’m a very progressive advocate of social change and equality in all areas, but I know a sideshow when I see one.”

I am enjoying the side show because I am here and I know better. You see if I couldn’t see and think for myself, I would take you and the other naysayers that have an issue with the Rocky Mount City Council having a black majority and black city manager serious. But I am an active engaged political activist in Edgecombe County so I know better. I have family and friends who live in Rocky Mount that have given me permission to speak for them. I am a life fully paid member of the Rocky Mount NAACP since the 1993. I am on the executive committee of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party so and I have worked in Rocky Mount for the past 26 years on yesterday January 26, 2014.

Since I know that I know that I know what is real and what is perceived, I  know the code words when some folks attempt to hide behind their racist and safe Negro mentality.

Who’s bickering? It appears to me that the bickering was recently promoted by WHIG-TV first who put up the video trying to discredit Mayor Pro-tem Knight. Then Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount took it to another level by starting a petition with misleading information as to why Knight should step down or they would seek enough signatures to attempt to remove him. It does not matter how many signatures they receive that is not the procedure nor the process to attempt to remove him. All I ask is that you and these Knight haters to just tell the truth and quick misleading folks. Mayor Pro-tem Knight did not call Lige a racist.

You say work together? Really? If they wanted to work together they would wait until the City Council put it on the agenda after they receive all the information from the black city manager and the staff. Nope that ain’t right. Lige and some others do not want the City Council to even receive the information from the black city manager and the staff. On Lige’s website The Community Council website says, "Wrong time, Wrong Place and Maybe Wrong all the way Around."

I used to attend the Rocky Mount City Council meetings regularly and I remember when, when the city council was a majority white and the black people asked for things and that city council heard us and responded some times during the meeting. But then they voted just like they wanted to. When will ya’ll learn that this city council will listen too, but will vote their convictions every time there is something that needs to be put to a vote.

You say, “When that happens, the economy will grow, our city’s pride will strengthen, and the thousands of young people who don’t return to Rocky Mount after finishing their education might actually have a reason to return to the city they love – including me.”

When the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount gets it fair share, then and only then will the pride strengthen and those who left that side will return home. Can’t say they all loved the city however they do call Rocky Mount home even though they get tired of some folks who have  a problem when it comes to bringing growth to the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount.

Enjoy your stay in Washington because this city council will continue to do what is best for the whole city of Rocky Mount and not for those who want to go back to their youth days. Damn the mere fact of thinking about those days would be a flashback to going backwards.

I am Curmilus Dancy II an actively engaged political activist that has been given authorization to speak for some family and friends who live in Rocky Mount NC.

See editorial: Put bickering aside and work to rebuild and advance Rocky Mount by Harris Walker

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Conservation voters endorse Alex Sink for Florida House seat – The Hill

The League of Conservation Voters (LVC) endorsed Democrat Alex Sink on Thursday for the House seat left open following the death of Rep. Bill Young (R-Fla.) in October.

The conservation group — known for throwing its political muscle behind candidates who help push forward strong environmental policy — says Sink, the state’s current chief financial officer, has done considerable work to protect the environment while improving Florida’s economy.

“Alex Sink has a strong record of bringing communities together with businesses to protect our environment and improve Florida’s economy," said Gene Karpinski, president of LCV, in a statement on Thursday.

Calling All Women In Edgecombe County And Surrounding Counties

Mr. Dancy,


I’m working with a new statewide non-partisan organization called Women AdvaNCe.  We’re rallying the NC women’s vote in 2014 with our Vote Together 2014 initiative.  I’m looking to connect in the Rocky Mount area with women who care about moving our state forward when it comes to issues like public education, healthcare and jobs.  I don’t currently have contacts in the Rocky Mount area, but found your website when searching Black History Month events around the state.  Women AdvaNCe will soon be listing community events celebrating Black History Month.  If you know of events in your area where we might be able to host a Vote Together 2014 pledge drive, I would appreciate those connections.  And if you know of any women in your area who might want to join our AdvaNCe Team (helping Women AdvaNCe build connections across North Carolina), please feel free to share my contact information with them.


Thank you,


Mary Swann Parry
Director of Advocacy
Women AdvaNCe



Website:  http://www.womenadvancenc.org

Subscribe:  http://bit.ly/1cvWsL8

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WomenAdvanceNC

Twitter:  @womenadvancenc, @maryswannparry

Pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/womenadvancenc/ 


Women AdvaNCe is a public charity that only engages in activities that are permissible under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).  All Women AdvaNCe activities will be strictly non-partisan.  In addition, Women AdvaNCe activities will not be coordinated with any candidate, political party or other partisan entity.

At First I Thought I Knew The Story Of Martin Luther King Jr…But Then I Dug Deeper And…WOW!

I’ve always loved and admired Martin Luther King Jr., and thought I knew most of what there was to know about his life and mission.  But as it turns out, there is quite a bit I didn’t know.   While we all may remember learning the facts about him in school, King’s life was full of so many incredible speeches and experiences, it’s easy to miss some of the most touching moments.

A man always on the move… (Source)