Herman Cain Feels Left Out By A White Republican Party (VIDEO)

Herman Cain is feeling left behind by his party.

Herman Cain said the Republican Party has a branding problem.

“The RNC sent out a flyer to some of its members talking about potential 2016 presidential candidates. Do you know what they had in common? … ,” he said. “They were all white.” Where was Allen West. Where was Dr. Ben Carson. And have they ruled out the possibility that I might consider another run?”

None of this should surprise Herman Cain. If he kept his eyes open he would have seen that people like him, Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and other minorities’ sole purpose is to be used as props. They generally have no power or say in the direction of the Republican Party. (Source)

12th District hopefuls largely agree at forum – Charlotte Observer

Response: Rep. Mel Watt resignation has created almost a dozen folks waiting in line to seek replacing him.

At their first campaign forum Saturday night, six Democrats running in the 12th Congressional District debated everything from Edward Snowden and the NSA to last year’s police shooting in Charlotte.

The four who’ve held elective office stressed their experience while two others promised to bring new voices. One dismissed his rivals as “career politicians.”

The six are running for the seat vacated by Democratic U.S. Rep. Mel Watt, who resigned this month to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

They are running in a special election with a May 6 primary and November general election. That coincides with this year’s regularly scheduled elections. (Source)

Photos/Video: Raleigh NC – Rev. Andre Knight Mayor Pro-tem Rocky Mount City Council/President Rocky Mount NAACP Receives The Charles McLean Award During The NC NAACP 30th Annual Humanitarian Award

What a fitting moment as Mayor Pro-tem Knight has been recently targeted by Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Instigated by WHIG-TV by starting a petition asking Knight to step down as city councilman. They are asking for signatures to attempt to remove him but their ignant asses do not understand how the process works.

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Black Folks You Say You Are Concerned About The Children? If So How Do You Allow Folks To Attack Your Leaders Who Are Adults?