Black Folks You Say You Are Concerned About The Children? If So How Do You Allow Folks To Attack Your Leaders Who Are Adults?

If you say you are concerned about the children then how do you allow folks to attack your leaders who are adults?

I don’t like using apples and oranges to get my point across. I eat those things in which was the intent of their being.

Last week WHIG-TV and Fighting Crime and Cleaning in Rocky Mount in which began a campaign to once again attack Rocky Mount City Councilman Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight and also the President of the local Rocky Mount NAACP. Lige Daugthdridge President of a group recently formed call The Community Council. First of all what a damn co-incidence that they named the group close to the name of the Rocky Mount City Council. Lige a white male addressed the Rocky Mount City Council and voiced his opinion during the public comments. When the white man finished his 3 minutes and others were given the opportunity speak on whatever their concerns were, Knight addressed Lige. Knight said he felt that Lige was not supported of the Event Center because the Rocky Mount City Council is a 4-3 black majority and the city has a black city manager. This was Knight’s opinion and he was not speaking for the other members on the council but speaking from himself as a councilman but keep in mind he is a citizen and President of the NAACP. This was Knight’s opinion.

WHIG-TV put up the video of the meeting in less than an hour after the meeting was over and began their ignant campaign trying to discredit a black leader. Let me say I don’t agree with everything Knight says but I be damn if I will allow folks to discredit my brother of an opinion. WHIG-TV said that Knight called Lige a racist which is a lie. If Knight had wanted to call him a racist he has the balls to say it. After I watched the video I said damn dude handled himself well. But you see if I was to listen to these 2 groups and some others, I would write my brother off also. But oh hell no, I can think for myself. And most of all, I know the man.

If you don’t know Knight, you need to do some homework to find out who he is. You don’t need to allow WHIG-TV and Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount to pick and choose your leaders. Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount had the damn audacity to start a Petition which is baseless and filled with lies. I feel strong that Knight out to persue seeking Defamation of Character because it is stated on the Petition that Knight do not live in Ward 1. WHIG-TV played a role in the movement to remove Knight from serving in Ward 1 some years ago. Knight ended up winning the case after having to appeal to the State of NC and they ruled in his favor. Edgecombe County had to pay Knight’s attorney fees.

My point, if we allow folks to discredit our black adult males, what in the hell do you think they are going to do to our children? Do you know that the children see how some folks that call themselves adults will stand by allow leaders like Knight to be assassinate, lynched in hanged in front of them? Knight and some others are on the battlefield daily fighting for our youths and some folks sit back and don’t say a damn thing. But guess what, when these very folks get in trouble, who do they call? You guessed it Rocky Mount City Councilman Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight and President of the NAACP because they know he is popular and will stand up.

So know that I take names and keep up with who is silent.

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