Rep. Joe Pat Tolson House District 23 Will Not Seek Re-election Sources Say

Sources say Rep. Joe P. Tolson will not seek re-election for the May Primary. He has served 9 terms. The district is a make up of Edgecombe and Martin Counties. The district is majority black. I live in the district and very much concerned about the seat being filled.

If you are interested in filing for this seat please send me an inbox or call me at 252.314.5484 asap.

Report: Obama to speak at NC State during visit – News & Observer

RALEIGH, N.C. — Officials say President Barack Obama is speaking at North Carolina State University when he visits the state next week.

That’s according to a report Saturday by WTVD-TV ( ).

On Thursday, White House press secretary Jay Carney said that the president would travel to North Carolina for "an event on the economy." Carney says Obama is scheduled to visit the Research Triangle area on Jan. 15. (Source)

BOE to discuss filling board vacancy – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — One seat in the Edgecombe County Board of Education boardrooms will be empty at the 6:30 p.m. Monday business meeting. That seat is the one that recently was vacated by Faye Taylor.

Taylor submitted her resignation at the Dec. 9 board meeting and her resignation was effective Dec. 31. Taylor represented Edgecombe County Public Schools District 7, which includes Bulluck Elementary, West Edgecombe Middle and SouthWest Edgecombe High. (Source)

Note: See what’s on the agenda Board Meeting Agenda


Jobs & Education: My Comment On The Larry Hall Show Talk Back Sunday Morning January 12, 2014


I strongly believe only certain people can create jobs. The Governor turned down the opportunity to create jobs through the Medicaid Extension through the Obamacare. FACT! I don’t believe Rep. Larry Hall is in position to create jobs unless he has a business of his own but he can support those who can create jobs. The problem is some folks do not want to create jobs simply because we have a black president. Also nobody talk about how a CEO makes so much money but some of that money could be used to create job.


I get so tired of folks talking about the lack of education. Folks have to be trained no matter what kind of education they may have. I have not seen a person go to college and come back and not having to be trained. I know I have trained some and I have not been to college.

We can not rely solely on education nor government.

The bottom line is RACE!

Some of Christie’s Potential Felonies – OEN

Response: So how would he not know that the bridge was backed up? I understand this is the most popular bridge in the world and the main bridge in New Jersey. I don’t know I have never been there. Something just ain’t right.

Whether you watched Christie’s entire two-hour press conference, or just catch the highlights, you are certain to pick up Christie’s major theme: "I am humiliated and embarrassed." "Someone I trusted betrayed me." "I’m sad." You might think that this was just monumental ego on the part of New Jersey’s Governor, since he portrays this scandal as far more of a personal betrayal than a gigantic act of governmental malfeasance that caused full-scale disruption of commerce, put public health and safety at risk, and may have contributed to at least one death. (Source)

The Worst High School in North Carolina – Graig Meyer

Over the last ten years or so, I’ve made a minor hobby of visiting some the best schools in the country. In particular, I’ve sought out schools that have excelled at educating students of color. Of course, I have also worked in some of the best schools in our state.

This past Thursday, I set off to learn about a different type of high school. Northwest Halifax High School has been known for several years as one of the worst high schools in the state. The Halifax County School District is our poorest and lowest performing district, and Northwest has had a bad reputation even within Halifax. (Source)