Who Is Capturing Our History, Black History?

Who is capturing our history, black history?

I have been doing my very best trying to capture our history at my own expense. I have sacrificed much trying to document our history because it comes with a cost and it is very time consuming. I just don’t understand why there is so much history that goes undocumented in our communities.

If we are not going to capture our history who will? Either it will go without being captured or others get to tell our history how they want to and the way they want to. I have refused to allow others to capture our history alone and to tell it the way they want to. I try to be where I can when I can so that I can capture what is going on around us. The local newspapers and television stations don’t always tell the whole story so that is where The DCN Dancy Communications Network comes into play.

Are you concerned about our history or are you only concerned during black history month? For me I am concerned every day all day.

The DCN has been capturing our history via my blog, video and photos. This comes with a price because it takes equipment and supplies. The DCN make videos possible for viewing on The DCN TV for others to watch for free and post the photos on my blog free also.

The DCN can and will capture history via photo and video for you but know that whenever the cameras are rolling it comes with a price. So therefore do not think that in 2014 I owe you something by thinking I am  going to provide you a free service while I use my equipment and supplies. I record things but I am not going to give you copies when I am not getting paid to do what I do. If I video things without being paid video copies may or may not be made available until such time I decide to make copies.

I am not begging you to use my services or to purchase a DVD from time to time because it does not matter if you hire me to do something for you or if you never purchase a DVD. I capture history for my archives but that do not include going into your archive for free.


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