CIAA football championship game should have been played – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: This should never had happened. At times when one or two players want to get into a brawl the other players must step up to the plate and not allow such to happen. I hate that this happened but I hope this sends a message to all schools that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. The players who were not involved ought to be the ones whom are mad the most because those whom were involved kept them from playing such an historic game. As for the fans I am sorry that some drove from far and near and spent money for hotel rooms and etc. But there comes a time when we must understand the circumstances and know that sometimes we must accept the outcome of situations like this because what could become a disaster. I spoke to a person in law enforcement and they felt it was best that the game be cancelled. I don’t know if it was best but I don’t think nothing else transpired during that weekend.

I am responding to the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association governing board’s decision to cancel the conference’s championship football game between my undergrad school – Winston-Salem State University and my graduate school – Virginia State University.

In my opinion, the game should have been played. I think we all know by now the game was canceled because of a fight.

According to the news report, four Virginia State players jumped and beat up the starting quarterback of Winston-Salem State in the men’s room during a luncheon. (More)

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