Princeville NC: So What Was Really In The Report That Sgt. T.W. Green Was Trying To Read During The Police Report When Commissioner Howell Said The Board Was Not Going To Allow It To Be Read Nor Were They Going To Act On It

So what was in the report that Sgt. T.W. Green attempted to read during the Police report on the agenda? Was it really a report or was it a letter concerning appointing a chief of police for Princeville since former Chief Joey Petway didn’t attend the meeting. Chief Petway’s name was on the agenda to give the police report however he had officially resigned from the chief position recently after accepting a job as the Chief of Police in Sharpsburg NC. So this is why Sgt. Green was doing the report.

Sgt. Green is the highest ranking police and the one that has been working for Princeville the longest. However Sgt. Green has been with the Police Department for a little over a year but he was on medical leave for the majority of the year.

Sources say it is believed that what Sgt. Green was attempting to read was somewhat a personnel matter because it appears it was going to speak to appointing him as the interim Chief to replace Chief Petway until a new chief is hired. But if that is true, is that right? Hell no! If the letter consisted of appointing a new chief, I totally agree that the letter should not have been read. One reason is because nothing should be done until the new commissioners and the new mayor are sworn in during the December meeting. And then one of the top agenda items should be appointing a new chief.

I strongly believe that the new board along with the current board members will make Princeville great again.

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