Pinetops NC – Incident At SouthWest Edgecombe High School Drug Bust

Sources say the incident about the drug bust at SouthWest is in today’s Daily Southerner Newspaper. I have not seen the paper yet but hope it will be online soon before I get off work.

I have received numerous inquiries about the incident especially from some folks whom read about the basketball players whom got in trouble last year and they were all over the news via newspaper and tv stations.

To Obama Haters: The Actual Evidence of Obama’s Achievements Shows You’re on the Wrong Side of History— Again

There are Obama haters aplenty, have been from Day One: Snooty left wingers have offered advice he should have, could have, would have followed to success if the president had just listened to his white betters in the media. Hate-filled right wing bigots have jostled to be the loudest claiming Obama isn’t a “real American,” not one of us, from somewhere else, a liar, a communist, a Muslim, the anti-Christ… and that’s just a start.

Economists have lined up on all sides to predict his policies would fail, that we were headed for depression, world economic collapse, and higher unemployment. Hawks told us the president was giving in to terror, maybe he was a terrorist himself. Doves told us he’s a mass murderer, using drones to target the innocent. (More)

Health officials, church leaders to sponsor forum – Rocky Mount Telegram

Edgecombe County health officials are enlisting the help of pastors and church leaders to inform local residents about health challenges facing the community and health services that are available.

Local pastors and church leaders are invited to attend a pastor’s health forum sponsored by the Edgecombe County Health Department from 10 a.m. to noon Friday. (More)

Tarboro NC: Tarboro family opens new event center – Rocky Mount Telegram

A longtime Tarboro family has opened up an event center that is leasing out space to a wide range of groups.

The Thorne family, who owns Thorne Drugs and Edgecombe Memorial Park, recently opened up Edgecombe Event Center in the back of the former Stacks restaurant building at 1800 Western Blvd.

The building is about 7,800 square feet, including a 4,000 square foot reception area in the back. (More)


Wilson NC: Taking Back N.C. tour may come to Wilson – Wilson Times

Response: I agree: Rep. Joe Tolson, D-Pintetops, said that Thursday’s Taking Back Our State meeting drew anywhere from 200 to 250 people. Many were concerned about statewide changes set in place by the Republican majority.

The N.C. Legislative Black Caucus is hosting Taking Back Our State meetings across the state that may lead to a similar event in Wilson next year.

The most recent meeting was held in Rocky Mount Thursday night but the caucus has not established one of its events in Wilson because of Rocky Mount’s proximity to the area, said Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield, D-Wilson, who has participated in the tour.

"It covered a lot of topics — education, no health care, voter suppression and economic development,” said Farmer-Butterfield, the second vice president of the caucus. "What we’re doing is going from city to city. "(Sen. Angela Bryant) and I have talked about having one in Wilson, whether or not the black caucus is involved.”

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