Affordable Care Act opposition springs from hatred of Obama by Gardenia Hobbs via Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: Awesome! Letter. Thank you Mrs. Hobbs for a well written letter as always. Please continue to educate. Yes it is all about hatred of Ignant Racist White Folks and Ignant Safe Negroes. They have not got over a Black Man being in charge. Dang even after being elected not 1 time but 2 times these folks still can’t get over it. Again thanks Mrs. Hobbs for your well written and timely letters. I also am blessed to know such a beautiful, educated and caring person since the early 90’s. I also want to thank "Our" Black President for standing! I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator A Proud And Blessed Black Man Because That Is Who I Am And I Wouldn’t Give Nothing For My Journey

Congratulations. Best wishes to the Affordable Health Care Act for its future success in making positive improvements to the health and well-being of the uninsured.

In spite of Republican roadblocks, scare tactics and outright lies, the Affordable Health Care Act left the starting gate on Oct. 1 and joined 32 other industrialized countries providing health care for their citizens. Granted, this program has gotten off to a rocky start, but when all is said and done, the good that will come forth will outweigh the bad. (More)