Princeville officials seek restitution, investigation – Daily Southerner

Response: Too ignant! It is sad that Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates continue to do what they have done this whole entire term. They have built this entire term on trying to discredit Sam Knight former Town Manager, Delia Perkins former Mayor and the previous administration. They also have tried to discredit current Councilwoman Gwendolyn Knight because she challenged their ignant asses in the meetings which lead to her not getting paid and tried to ban her from the town meetings. imageClick on the photo to see MPT Isabelle Purvis-Andrews in ignant mode.

PRINCEVILLE — PRINCEVILLE — Commissioner Isabelle Purvis-Andrews’ request to seek restitution from two former town managers and for the town attorney to investigate the alleged misuse of funds by two commissioners, created a heated verbal exchange between her and members of the former administration Monday during the town’s monthly meeting.

The board is likely to have discussed the issues during a closed session that lasted approximately an hour. By General Statues, the general public is not privy to information discussed in closed sessions. When the board returned from the closed session, Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates reported no action, that required a vote, had been taken. (More)

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TARBORO — A Sept. 12, 2013, story published on the website and on the front page of The Daily Southerner about the review and analysis of travel and expense records from July 2006 to June 2011 of former Town Manager Sam Noble incorrectly characterized the conclusion of a report produced by Jackson Investigations and provided to the Tarboro Town Council. The headline should have read, “Report questions purchases by Noble”. The report did not conclude that Noble misappropriated funds. We apologize for the error. (More)

Princeville NC: Petway continues to assemble ‘loaded team’ – Daily Southerner

Response: I would agree that Chief Joey Petway seems to be doing a good job running the Princeville Police Department. I have seen him struggle with the department being short on manpower simply due to all of the b.s. that has been going on since the current administration has been in office. Commissioner Calvin Sherrod always has questions for the Chief and it appears to some that Sherrod is picking on the Chief. Well even when I named Sherrod as one of The Princeville 3 when he was Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates and Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews flunkie I would say Sherrod asked some good questions. Because Sherrod is the only that really question the Chief it makes him appear to be beating up on the Chief and I say he is far from doing that. I strongly feel that by Sherrod questioning the Chief about the activity in Princeville that it will keep the Chief on target and he ought to appreciate Sherrod. Click on the photoimage to watch the video the Chief comments/singing.

TARBORO — PRINCEVILLE — Police Chief Joey Petway wants the best for his department and the town that he serves. Now in his third year as the town’s top cop, he is working towards that goal.

"I’m a bowler. On my bowling team, I always want a loaded team,"Petway said. "I want the same for my police department. I want to be able to attract people to my team that can actively solve crimes and give the community a person who they can talk to and know if they give information, it will be developed in such a way that professional service will be given. (More)

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