Photos/Video: Princeville NC – Last Town Meeting Before The November 5, 2013 Election Verbal Fight Between Current And Old Members A Must See

If you notice in the picture below for the 1st time since dating back to the beginning of the meetings in the new town hall I have this nice picture of all of the commissioners face. I normally get the back or the side of the 2 commissioners on the far right end of this picture. But at this meeting the room was set up so that only one person could set up to video where room has normally been for the media. The mayors husband set up and took up the entire area so therefore I set up where I am and I loved it. This is where I will set up in the future. What the devil meant for bad turned out to be damn good to me. And for the record I was hoping someone was going to say something about where I had set up because I was ready! The Open Meetings Law Document is a powerful statue and I would have whipped it out on them. Well!

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Pinetops woman arrested on heroin charges – Daily Southerner

Response: I normally do not post articles like this however I think I am going to begin to post stuff like this in the future as it relates to Edgecombe County. Black criminals are in the paper all the time however some don’t think that stuff like this is happening in the white community or should I say whites committing crimes. Look at what this person has to offer versus what you normally read about what the blacks in this business has to offer.

TARBORO — Law enforcement made another heroin arrest Wednesday when they nabbed a Pinetops woman heading back into the county from Scotland Neck.

According to a press release, after receiving information, the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit along with a Tarboro Narcotics officer, sat patiently and waited for 35-year-old Porsha Lee Lassiter to enter Edgecombe County. As she did, they stopped the vehicle she was traveling in. (More)

Process Started On New Charter School – Daily Southerner

Response: Another Charter School. I know Mr. Powell on a personal note and consider him a good friend. However I am not a supporter of Charter Schools. I have no problem with those whom do. I have some family members who attend the NECP but my child will continue to the Edgecombe County Public School System. It was good enough for me in spite of although I have had to challenge the system on others behalf over the years as an education advocate long before I had a child in the system.

TARBORO — A letter of intent filed by The Nola House Charter School, has been approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s Office of Charter Schools. While the exact location of the proposed public charter school is yet to be decided, it will likely be in the Edgecombe County portion of Rocky Mount Rocky, said a school spokesperson.

The school’s next step is submitting a full application in December to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, with a proposed start date of fall 2015.

If the charter is approved, the school would become the second start-up charter school in Edgecombe County in a three-year period. North East Carolina Prep School (NECP) opened in Tarboro in August 2012. (More)

Princeville mayoral candidates sound off – Daily Southerner

Response: Not only did Theresa Williams not attend I have not heard why she did not attend. I find that quite interesting because the political correct thing to have done would have to been to send a message for the reason she did not attend or better yet to have sent someone to represent her.

TARBORO — PRINCEVILLE — The three candidates for mayor who attended the "Meet and Greet Town Hall Meeting" forum Saturday at Princeville Elementary School, agreed that the town needs a cohesive board and jobs to help push the town forward. However, they had different opinions as to how to accomplish those goals.

Candidate Milton Bullock, who sponsored the forum, Incumbent Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates and candidate Bobbie Jones attended the event. The fourth candidate, Theresa Williams, did not attend. (More)

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McCrory rejects call for special session to expand Medicaid – News & Observer

RALEIGH — Gov. Pat McCrory rejected a call to convene a special legislative session to add more low-income residents to the state and federal health insurance program.

His comments came in response to a news conference called Monday by expansion supporters who again pushed their reasons for allowing more low-income people to sign up for Medicaid.

The GOP-controlled legislature voted this year to reject Medicaid expansion, which is an optional part of the Affordable Care Act. Those who want expansion, including two Democratic legislators, a doctor, a health policy analyst and an advocate with Protect Your Care, said at a news conference Monday that the benefits of expanding Medicaid are becoming clearer as time passes. (More)

McCrory and three Democratic congressmen exchange pointed letters over handling of shutdown – News & Observer

There has been a polite but pointed exchange of letters between Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and three of the state’s Democratic congressman about the Raleigh administration’s handling of federally-funded anti-poverty programs during the government shutdown.

The exchange started when the three Democratic Reps – David Price, G. K. Butterfield, and Mel Watt – sent a letter to McCrory inquiring why North Carolina seemed to be the only state to interrupt funding of the old welfare program, now known as the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Grant or TANF. (More)