Gov. McCrory: Say what on Medicaid expansion? – The Progressive Pulse

In an interview published today, Governor Pat McCrory said the reason he wouldn’t expand Medicaid in NC under the Affordable Care Act was the following:

Then there was McCrory’s decision not to accept three years of “free” Medicaid extensions from Washington. “That doesn’t include the administrative cost,” he said. “I would have had to hire a thousand more people, and set up a whole new bureaucracy.

I guess the Governor felt that since he was talking to a smaller regional media publication he could be a little more flexible with the facts around Medicaid expansion. But let’s be clear. Sure, there would be some administrative costs, but the federal government would pay the lions share of those and overall we save money.  Yes, North Carolina would actually save money by expanding Medicaid – mostly because suddenly so many people who currently don’t have health insurance would now be able to pay their bills instead of relying on a patchwork of often state-financed programs that pay for some of the minimal and expensive care they get.  The bottom line from the NC Institute of Medicine? $65 million dollars in state savings from expansion: (More)