Photos/Video: Princeville Town Meeting Monday September 23, 2013 Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates & Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews Still Trying To Justify Their Ignance

Calvin Adkins Reporter Tarboro Daily Southerner reported the following after the last week meeting, Princeville meetings deemed illegal. Read that and then look at the video.

I was glad to see the board go into closed session legally after I approached the attorney during the August meeting about how they didn’t do it legally. He agreed and thanked me for bringing it to his attention. I think I like this guy because he seems to be straight down the middle and not taking sides with any board members especially the mayor and mayor pro-tem.

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Click on Photo to watch video. In this photo Mayor Everette-Oates and Mayor Pro-tem Purvis-Andrews.


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