iPad video key in George Zimmerman domestic dispute case with estranged wife – The Washington Post

Response: Well I am going to see if he is going to be allowed to stand his damn ground in this case. Damn this crazy dude has been in the news showing just how ignant he is every since he has been freed from killing Trayvon Martin. So where is all of Zimmerman’s supporters now? They agreed he had the right to kill Trayvon for no reason so now I am waiting to see if they feel he had the right to punch his wife’s dad and to drive her to leaving him? Well this is going to be another wait and see what the hell is next with this dude?

LAKE MARY, Fla. — Police investigating a domestic dispute between George Zimmerman and his estranged wife said Tuesday they were confident they would be able to get video from her broken iPad, and the evidence will help them determine if charges should be filed.

Police believe the mobile device captured video of Monday’s dispute at the Lake Mary house where the Zimmermans had been living. Shellie Zimmerman told authorities he smashed it to pieces, but the former neighborhood watch volunteer said she hit him with it. Police said it was examined at a crime lab, and the chances of them being able to watch the video were “outstanding,” but it wasn’t clear when that might happen. (More)

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