7 thoughts on “Pinetops NC – SouthWest Edgecombe Old School Basketball Games Held Saturday April 13, 2013 See Do You Remember These Girls And Guys

  1. Mr Dancy

    Enjoy your insight although I don’t always agree. Just a suggestion–you may need to upgrade your video process as it tends to be a bit fuzzy and the sound quality is a bit distorted.


    • Who agree with everybody all the time I sure don’t.

      Nope don’t need to upgrade I have no control of how the videos come out when I upload them on the site.

      Yep many videos are fuzzy when uploading them to another source. Lighting has a lot to do with it and also the distance from the event being recorded.

      However the actual video came out well. So if anyone is really want to see it they would contact me for the actual video otherwise they will have to just look at it here.

      I have no problem with my equipment at the moment however I would love to upgrade but you need to understand that this is a free service so you pay for what you get. I don’t have to share my work.

      Also you can click on some of the other videos to see how they came out.

      Thank you for your observation.


    • Appears you see the need to post under 2 different names. Well again if you want to know who is who talk to the players and also unless I was set up on the floor at the end of one of the baskets you will not be able to see the players that good from the side. When looking at it on tv you see the players up close from the cameras that they have at certain angles.


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