County tops state in STD’s – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — There are some health rankings in which a county finds itself in the No. 1 position.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD), for instance.

But that’s the case with Edgecombe County, which is No. 1 in the state in reported cases of HIV and Chlamydia, No. 2 in the state in reported cases of AIDS and gonorrhea and No. 17 in the state in reported cases of Syphilis. (More)

Princeville fire chief terminated – Daily Southerner

Response: What in the world more Princeville drama?

PRINCEVILLE — A heated Princeville Volunteer Fire Department business meeting Wednesday night resulted in the chief and the chairman of the board being demoted, another board member ousted, and a law enforcement officer standing between two firefighters to prevent a physical altercation.

In an 8-6 vote, the firemen ousted 10-year-veteran chief Billy Boddie. For more than two years, some of the firefighters have accused Boddie of mismanagement of funds and other infractions while others supported the chief. (More)

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Princeville NC

WTF Is Going On In North Carolina? Another New Worthless Bill–Addicting Info

Response: If I could say two words about the Republicans: “RACIST IGNANTS!” Yep their bills are geared towards black folks but white folks either don’t know and/or don’t care because they these laws affect them also. Sad! How do their white friends sit up in church, on the golf fields and other meeting places with these ignants and not tell them they are not concentrating on real issues.

North Carolina’s proposed, “Healthy Marriage Act,” is amending their current divorce law by extending the hold from a one-year wait to a two-year wait, before a divorce can be final.

Yes. If you live in North Carolina, the Republican government wants all of you — your body, your religion, your voting rights, and your marital status.

They continue to pass horrendous anti-choice laws, one of them forcing a women wanting an abortion to view an ultrasound of the fetus and be lectured on it. They go one step further into, “Are You Kidding Me Land,’ by requesting the this be done four hours before the procedure.

Now, in the last few weeks: (More)

Medicaid privatization risky for poor, disabled – Rocky Mount Telegram

Gov. Pat McCrory rolled out an ambitious but dubious plan to privatize North Carolina’s Medicaid system.

Under the plan outlined Wednesday by McCrory and N.C. Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos, the state would bid out the delivery of Medicaid services to a handful of managed-care providers. Each would be paid a monthly set amount for each Medicaid patient the private firms have enrolled in networks of medical providers they would have set up. (More)

Response: What I do not understand is the following: Community Care of North Carolina has become a national model for its delivery of Medicaid services. McCrory’s own Medicaid Director Carol Steckel testified in February to the N.C. General Assembly that her former state of Alabama is looking at North Carolina’s Medicaid system as a model for saving money and improving care, results largely due to Community Care of North Carolina. If privatization is adopted, Community Care of North Carolina would have to submit a bid to continue to administer Medicaid services along with other for-profit companies interested in contracting with the state.

Goes To Show How Ignant I Am!

Show you how ignant I am when it comes to movies I heard people say they had gone to see Temptation. I thought they were talking about the group Temptations. I am not a movie going person but I go from time to time with the family however many times the family go and the children take one of their friends.

Well my wife and I went to see Temptation by Tyler Perry last night and it was good. I have enjoyed everyone of his movies that I have seen.

If anyone that has gone to see Temptation and if they are cheating on their spouse then the movie ought to bring them in. Not! Hell when HIV came out years ago I thought it would slow folks down but it appears to me that folks just don’t care. !!Well I am scared! so never have and never will cheat on my wife.

Sunday Morning Church Folks Together

But how many in a church are really together or are they just there because of tradition? Some folks even close family are sitting up in the church and don’t even speak to each other. But they act as if they are going somewhere. They are! Straight to hell! Now I will eat and drink to that! Well! Sunday April 7, 2013.

Democrats Every Point Counts

IN A BALLGAME… EVERY POINT COUNTS! Period. Even the ones you MISSED. Because at the end of the game, those are the points you could of had but let them get away. NOW – IF YOU WIN, that factor doesn’t matter so much. IF YOU’RE ON THE LOSING TEAM, well, they’re the VERY ONES you can’t forget.


THE POINT IS…TOTAL TEAM EFFORT IS REQUIRED. The County Parties, being lead by good leaders serving as County Chair, Precinct Chairs, dedicated democrats for a full court press and a game plan, a strategy to be used in opposition of the challenging opponents.


Response: Now this is On! I’ll drink to that!

The most gerrymandered districts of 2011 – The Washington Post

Members of Congress all over the country are dealing with change – and not the good kind.

The decennial redistricting process, which amounts to a nationwide redrawing of all 435 House districts, means many Members of Congress are faced with wooing new constituents, losing their districts altogether or confronting tough choices about where and whether to seek reelection in 2012. And with more than half of the states already done with redistricting, those career-changing decisions are being made every day. (More)

FINAL MOBILIZATION PUSH: Toward April 9 for HKonJ Justice & Unity Day!!



NC NAACP Letterhead


HKonJ/People of Color Unity and Justice Legislative Day

Mobilization Plan


(Prepare to Return to Voter I.D. Hearing on April 10th)


Things for Churches and Faith Community To Do

  • In these final days, please continue to announce, educate, enforce flyer campaigns and mobilize for HKonJ/People of Color Justice & Unity Legislative Day to be held at the First Baptist Church, 101 S. Wilmington St., Raleigh, NC, on Tuesday, April 9th
  • On Sunday, 04/07/13, emphasize "Justice and Unity " at your church or place of worship while remembering Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s tragic assassination (April 4, 1968) and promoting the April 9th event, where we pick up the baton of Justice and Unity and march on; It shall be a day for people of ALL COLORS; ALL those who love God’s "justice" and "unity" shall come together on April 9th and beyond
  • Churches may also consider assisting the movement with transportation such as providing the usages of vans and mini-buses to mobilize on April 9th
  • Please call Rev. Kojo Nantambu, Religious Education and Advocacy Project (REAP) Director or Rev. Curtis E. Gatewood, HKonJ Coalition Coordinator at 866 – NC NAACP (866 626-2227), for assistance with these and other ideas relative to church and faith participation/mobilization


Things for NAACP Units and HKonJ Local People’s Assemblies To Do

  • NAACP Units in the State of North Carolina should continue announcing, educating, implementing flyer campaigns and mobilize for HKonJ/People of Color Justice & Unity Legislative Day like never before
  • Follow up ‘Bloody Sunday’ Events to remind supporters to attend April 9th Legislative Day
  • 04/07 – Have "Religious Affairs Committees/Chairs" to work with area churches to maximize Legislative Day turnout for the final Sunday leading up to April 9th; Special efforts should be aimed toward Legislative Day mobilization on Sunday, April 7th
  • NAACP Units should work with HKonJ Local People Assemblies and/or allow your local "Community Coordination Committee" to reach out to and organize with local HKonJ Partners and other local social justice organizations who specialize in "5 Game Changer" areas (1. Economic Sustainability, 2. Educational Equality, 3. Health Care for All, 4. Criminal Justice, 5. Voting Rights); focus on mobilization and lobbying tips (more on lobbying tips will be heard during morning session on April 9th).
  • For mobilization assistance call Rev. Curtis E. Gatewood, HKonJ Coalition Coordinator at 919 682-4700.


Things for HKonJ Coalition Partners To Do

  • HKonJ Coalition Partners should push final days with flyer campaigns, email blasts, social network postings, website alerts, and in other ways ensure mobilization for HKonJ/People of Color Justice & Unity Legislative Day on April 9th.
  • 04/07 – Work with area churches to maximize Legislative Day turnout for Sundays leading up to April 9th; Special efforts should be aimed toward Legislative Day mobilization on Sunday, April 7th
  • HKonJ Category Focus on mobilizing constituents based upon the following categories (find your area of interest, get with a Category Captain and/or recruit area organizations/partners you may know or those who could be considered potential partners:

Immigrant Justice                                                          Labor & Worker’s Rights

Health Care                                                                    Economic Justice/Development

Environmental Justice                                                   Community Organizing/Outreach

Faith/Religion                                                                Youth/College/Education

LGBT Rights                                                                    Women’s Rights

Democracy/Civil/Human Rights                                   Peace Advocacy

Fraternities/Sororities                                                  Press/Communication

  • Work with area HKonJ Local People Assemblies and/or allow your community outreach person to reach out to NAACP and other local social justice organizations these final days who specialize in certain areas of our HKonJ 14-Point People’s Agenda
  • In every way imaginable, spend the final few days making phone calls, social networking, emailing, and coordinating with friends, organizational/religious leaders to ensure we maximize turnout at our HKonJ/People of Color Justice & Unity Legislative Day
  • For assistance contact Rev. Curtis E. Gatewood, HKonJ Coalition Coordinator at 866 626-2227


General logistical and other information for April 9, 2013

(Prepare to return on April 10th for 2nd Public Hearing on Voter I.D.)

  • Wear comfortable shoes; NAACP representatives are asked to wear "NAACP" garments where possible/accessible; Youth/College may wear School/College paraphernalia; HKonJ Coalition Partners wear your organizational clothing or what makes you comfortable
  • Arrive for registration at 8:30 a.m. at the First Baptist Church, 101 S. Wilmington St., Raleigh, NC;  Pick up information packets prior to being seated
  •  Parking on church lot is very limited; there is a public parking deck adjacent to the church which can be entered from either S. Wilmington or Blount St within walking distance (link written in blue above gives parking options)
  • During the teach-in at the church, the Moderator will provide instructions and ‘tips for lobbying (to be used where feasible when we arrive at the NC General Assembly)’
  • Be prepared to walk from church to N. C. General Assembly located at 16 W. Jones St., one mile
  • If you are disabled or would rather not walk, please bring a driver if possible who can drive you from the church to General Assembly. If that is not possible, please notify our office at 866 626-2227

– Link to map (in purple) from church to legislative building –

  • Walk two-by-two on sidewalks and adhere to all lawful and safe pedestrian measures
  • Banners and signage will not be permitted inside General Assembly
  • Bring money for lunch – There is a Legislative Cafeteria and cafés in the area. Menu items are reasonably priced
  • PREPARE TO RETURN TO THE NC GENERAL ASSEMBLY ON APRIL 10 TO ATTEND THE PUBLIC HEARING ON VOTER I.D. House Elections Committee will hold another public hearing on the legislative Voter I.D. proposals at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10, in Room 643 of the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh;  Let’s show them, this is a ‘movement not a moment’

For questions prior to or on the actual day of the assembly, call Rev. Curtis E. Gatewood, HKonJ Coalition Coordinator (919 939-6311) or Atty. Jamie S. Phillips, Legal Redress & Public Policy Coordinator (443 414-0650), or Mr. Rob Stephens, Field Secretary NC NAACP (336 577-9335), or Rev. Kojo Nantambu (704 599-8904).



 HKonJ People of Color (People of ALL Colors)

Justice & Unity Legislative Day


April 9, 2013 – Registration begins at 8:30 am

First Baptist Church, 101 S. Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC   



For More Information Email or

Call 866-626-2227.








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NC NAACP | PO Box 335 | Durham | NC | 27702


Tarboro NC – Local Teacher And Soccer Coach Leshaun Jenkins Is Seeking Donations For Mission Trip To Haiti To Volunteer In An Orphanage For 2nd Year

Leshaun Jenkins is a native of Pinetops NC and is a graduate of South West Edgecombe High School. He currently resides in Tarboro NC where is

While in Haiti Coach Jenkins will volunteer at an orphanage and conduct soccer camps. He will ago through neighborhoods and lead prayer. He will also help pass out food to the needy.

This will be Coach Jenkins second time to Haiti. He has also done mission work in Costa Rica and Africa (Rwanda & Ethiopia) as well.

Coach Jenkins said he has just fallen in love with the people in Haiti. They are so very poor but they are just so humble with everything that you give them. They are truly greatful!

Coach Jenkins will travel to Haiti August 6-14, 2013

Donations can be mailed to:

Leshuan Jenkins
1008 Chapel St.
Tarboro NC 27886

Learn more about Leshaun Jenkins. Outstanding accomplishments!

Note: Originally posted: 3/24/2013